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29-06-2012, 05:40 AM
Thanks again to everyone who came out. We had 6 people concurrently and I think 8 total. It was a lot of fun and we erred towards more serious missions tonight.

Local Hostility: Our warm up game where 4 of us killed some people and blew up a truck.

Tears of Allah: We were given a mortar and binoculars and told to mortar an American position. After driving around town ineffectually for a while we finally got the mortar setup on the mosque. Where we tried to get a good lay on the target the old fashion way. No computers here, just eyes and basic range estimation. Unfortunately we were miserable at this and eventually decided to charge the enemy position. Shortly after this decision we were all dead.

Midnight Rider: I played as the pilot and didn't go in on foot this time. So most of my view was from 800 meters up. I managed to land the Blackhawk 2 times but broke the engine on the third landing. I am getting better!

Bombing Run: A marine squad near Electrovadazosk was told to fight their way into town and blow up a bunch of Russian kit. This was probably my favorite mission of the night. We broke into two fireteams, Alpha and Bravo, and fought our way across the city. It was filled with intense moments, such as the time a Russian surprised Alpha with a grenade, or the arrival of a T-90 and our subsequent escape in looted vehicles, too our finale where we jumped from our evac chopper into the ocean.

Mission name?: Our squad of British soldiers went into the town of Yarum to capture two rebels. Our first attempt went alright. Although we had quite some time crossing the market, and I managed to get shot almost immediately. It ended when someone I won't name shot one of the two hostages (I won't name them because I forgot who it was. It might have been Anti but who knows. I don't)

Our second attempt went quite a bit smoother at first but soon the bodies started to pile up. Our final few minutes defending the evac point where pretty hairy and I wasn't quite sure we would make it.

Poppy fields or something like that: British troops parading around has police had to capture a drug dealer and his heroin! Our advance looked quite professional as I viewed it through my sniper scope. Although I only managed to shoot 3-4 locals before getting gunned down in close combat with a PMC. Also as a bird I got to watch a squad of takis sneak up on the survivors and saw ConcreteOtter survive the combined fire of 3 automatic weapons at close range. He must be blessed.

Also I've gone ahead and setup a steam group just for Americas' Night. This way those of you who are interested can receive notices and other stuff like that.

steam group (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/americasnight/)