View Full Version : New game mechanic proposal: Best Friends Forever

18-08-2012, 05:13 PM
Little known to Blood Bowl's erstwhile fans, after the match both teams always go down to the local tavern for a quick "no hard feelings" drink. The night of brawling and destruction that follows is a crucible in which life long friendships are often spawned. For each big guy on the home team, roll a D6 for each big guy on the opposing team. On a 5+, the two players become BFF. This friendship translates to a lower level of brutality on the pitch: if the two BFFs face off in future, all defender down and defender stumbles results are treated as defender push, and both down results are treated as if both players have the wrestle skill. In addition, a player cannot foul and will not assist in fouling their BFF.

And, if you're wondering what I was smoking when I came up with this, it actually came to me in a dream. Which probably means I play and think about Blood Bowl way too much. Also, in the dream, one of the big guys involved was a panda. Enough said.

18-08-2012, 05:17 PM
Which big guys are effected needs to be carefully considered, Mummies/Tomb Guardians, nurgle beasts? What about Treemen? I can't imagine them in a tavern :P

I like the idea though, encourages you to focus big guy aggression elsewhere.

18-08-2012, 05:28 PM
I'm sure Auld World taverns are built with treemen in mind! But yes, it would have to be thought out more carefully. Perhaps it would apply to any player with really stupid, wild animal or bonehead? That would include the beast, but you never know what might happy on these wild nights out...