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02-07-2011, 03:33 AM
I swear I'm not trying to spread the hate and flaming rage that is currently occurring over at the official forums, but I'm desperate to get some opinions that aren't filled with f-bombs and are less cynical. Reading those dang forums have me convinced I'm screwed and I shouldn't even subscribe to EvE cuz of the whole "gold ammo" thing. So I thought I would ask some other people who seem a bit more level-headed.

What do you guys think about the current state of Eve? I read Jim's articles and his latest one has me a bit scared. His comments about alliances and corps sitting on their money and the lack of epic battles that defined his playtime are seriously bummin' me out. Is this true? Or are the borders of EvE not as static as I believe them to be? Oh and what do you all think about the whole gold ammo thing? I've read CCP's statements and the twitter feeds of the CSM people and I'm optimistic but for some reason every thread in their forums is dripping with rage.

I'm hoping that I've not found something great only for it to die right before I get into it.

02-07-2011, 03:53 AM
Wait until the whole thing is resolved.
CCP put a ballgag on the CSM which doesn't help, but as CCP has not only forfeited any and all remaining trust but also hasn't done much to rebuild trust in over two years, it just blew up in their face spectacularly.

Make no mistake, the MT rage is the tip of the iceberg. The mechanics of Eve have been suffering hard through years of neglect and abandoned shiny from previous expansions. The economy is supplied nearly entirely through bots making mining pointless, pvp is dominated by three to four ships, 0.0 is about grind not conquest and getting as many of one specific ship as possible that cause so much lag they can't be realistically brought down in a direct confrontation.

That said, for a new player, everything will be new and exciting. I'm telling you to wait, but you'd probably have fun for a few months easily until you gain enough insight to see just how horribly broken just about any game mechanic is. Which isn't the worst part from my view, I can play a mechanically broken game with fun people if there's a good chance of improvement.

Judging from CCP's actions and words, improvement is unlikely, hence why I'd wait before getting invested. The RPS corp would probably take you and teach you how to play.

02-07-2011, 04:14 AM
Even with those couple of dominating ships, there's still alot to do though right? The RPS corp thread mentions going after a couple of people and some raiding. I'd be fine with only a couple of ships being viable as there seems to be more than one function for them besides "pew pew".
What do you mean about grinding? Is it just hoarding ISK til you can deck out yer corps ships? That's disappointing about conquest no longer being a priority, that was one of the main reason I wanted to join. Being a part of a corp or large alliance and even taking ONE small part of the galaxy is what I'm all about.

02-07-2011, 04:48 AM
No, I mean that conquest is entirely about grinding away HP. There are passive income generators that CCP failed to remove and they're concentrated almost exclusively in one part of the galaxy.
Conquest is about acquiring as many supercaps as possible and piling them in one system so nobody else can enter with a sufficient counterforce (consisting entirely of supercaps too).

All these problems are solvable however. It depends entirely on CCP's willingness to do it.