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27-09-2012, 06:16 PM


Hello my friends!
I Would like to show You my newest game called "Top Hat". It's 2D classic platformer, just like old NES games. It will be hard, fun,with lots of collectibles and enemies to avoid, or kill.
One day, to our hero house came strange guy. He said, that he can buy from us speciall golden top hat, which is really, really rare. Unfortunately, stranger poisoning us, and we wake up in dungeons, with a... GUN! We want payback, and of course our golden TOP HAT!

Download Link: TOP HAT BETA VERSION (http://gmclan.org/up1486_4_Top_Hat_Beta.html) Game is hosted on gmclan.org - the biggest Polish site about game maker!

Game is created by N94 Games, which include only me. Music is made by Jakim ( http://jakim.org.pl/pl/index.html ) special for TOP HAT game!

Screen1 (http://gmclan.org/uploader/1486/nowydome.png)
Screen2 (http://gmclan.org/uploader/1486/screenshot102.png)
Screen3 (http://gmclan.org/uploader/1486/bosswalkahud.png)
Screen4 (http://gmclan.org/uploader/1486/czachy.png)
Screen5 (http://gmclan.org/uploader/1486/LVL4_1.png)
(sorry for links, but i can post only 4 normal images in thread)



You can also watch more about game here:
Top Hat on Indie DB. (http://"http://www.indiedb.com/games/top-hat")

I hope You will like it. :)