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08-10-2012, 09:44 PM
Right then. As mentioned in my previous XCOM thread, I've been collecting volunteers for my alien smashing squad. Here's how it's going to go.

This'll be my first game, and I'll be playing on Classic Ironman, because Jake Solomon told me I shouldn't, and he's not the boss of me. Rookies will be left with their default names until they graduate to Squaddie and are assigned a class. Then I shall rename them with a suitable name from the list, alternating between RPS writers and forum members. I shall do my best to keep track of how everyone dies, and post something here in memoriam. Screenshots will be taken of anyone getting over the rank of Sergeant. Hopefully I'll get some nice bonus screenies of you all being badass.

And here's the list, stretching to from the door of the recruiting office round the hill and past the graveyard, Cannon Fodder style:

Alec Meer, reprising his role as the Heavy
Jim Rossignol goes for vantage to appreciate the terrain- may as well bring a rifle. Sniper.
John Walker; let's find out how well he really heals, in Support.
Adam Smith, Supporting those obscure indie soldiers.
Nathan Grayson, from the Colonies, arriving to the battle late, just in time to finish off the aliens and claim he won the whole thing. Assault.
Quinns, bringing that rapid fire word Assault.
Rob Florence, flings dice like bullets. Let's see if he can fling bullets like dice. Heavy.
Tim Stone will have the armour penetration all calculated out in a nice stat table for that one perfect Snipe.
Lewie Proctor leads regular Assaults on my wallet. Let's see how he does here.
Edit: almost forgot Richard Cobbett. He can be a Heavy, laying down suppression and deadly puns with equal ease.
And, of course, Keiron Gillen as a Psychic, for being mental.
Edit- the Editing: Brendan, Supporting the squad with clever words.

Gorzan as a Sniper.
Drake Sigar as a Sniper.
lasikbear as Support.
Splynter as Support, but only if I can find a Canadian Support soldier (can one change nationality?)
Makariel in Assault.
AlexClockwork in Assault.
Tikey as a Heavy.
Sparkasaurusmex in Assault.
Patrick Swayze in Assault.
Edit: Sunjumper as a Heavy.
Jockie as whatever I need to fill in a gap.
hellraiserzlo joins the spooky Psychic corp.
Oshada in Assault
DWZippy as yet another Assault. I expect to go through a fair number of these, so it's nice to have plenty of names.
Drayk as a Sniper.
Lacessit as a Sniper.
Hypernetic as something that isn't Support- whichever class I determine to be the most asshole-ish.
DarkFenix grabs the big guns.
MadJax as an Assault.
Dr. Honeyslut in Support. Trust him/her, he/she is a Dr. Even if he/she's looking at you funny.
siegarettes makes me think of smoke, so smoke grenades, so we're going Support.
soldant signs up to our Support brigade.
Tailswallower makes sure we have plenty of bandages on the battlefield.
SanguineAngel signs up for Support.
Woundedbum is there where the need is.
So's Flint.

If anyone cares to assign me to their time I'd love to be a Heavy, or a Support if you'd prefer.

Come back safely and covered in green blood, soldiers.

09-10-2012, 12:15 AM
Really looking forward to the reports :)

Sit me next to the japanese girls on the skyranger.

09-10-2012, 06:22 AM
I'd be honored to be killed in you line of fire as well.
That said, this is bound to be a hell of a conquest.

09-10-2012, 07:55 AM
Awww, I'd have submitted myself as a medic if I'd known about this.

I'll be sure to include you in my squad of meat puppets, because putting names to faces makes it all the more tragic when they die.

09-10-2012, 09:14 AM
*clears throat*

Think I'd be Support...

09-10-2012, 09:48 AM
Can't deny I'm curious as to the exact nature of my no doubt horrifically grisly death.

Now there's a perfectly normal English sentence!

09-10-2012, 12:23 PM
Excellent. Just remember to cover my avatar with smoke grenades when advancing.

09-10-2012, 01:07 PM
It's never too late to sign up. I'm sure some of us will be getting through a looooooooooooootta recruits.

09-10-2012, 01:24 PM
Played 4 hours of Classic Ironman this morning and it's truly heartbreaking. I made it to May before I was Indepence Day'd off the planet. Tough, brutal, and heartbreaking, this is the Xcom way and I love it! Have started a Normal playthrough now, but looking forward to this thread :-D (Woot Im already on the list as an assault :-D)

09-10-2012, 02:20 PM
The cat got me up a little early, so I was able to get the opening mission done. Lovely little engagement with a handful of Sectoids entrenched on a bridge being annoyingly difficult to flank. They had a flanking reinforcement of their own that I was fortunately prepared for; reaction fire took down one, a counter-flank another and a grenade a third. The creeps on the bridge didn't go down without a fight, and three soldiers took fire and are resting in the med bay for a couple of weeks. Still, three Rookies took off their disguises to reveal themselves as Alec, John and Nathan. Alec will have to take the lead on his own in the next mission while the other two heal up.

09-10-2012, 09:39 PM
Wow, Alec Meer must really have it in for poor John Walker. On my second mission, instead of blowing up the two aliens as ordered, Alec took the opportunity to blow up one alien and mutilate John sufficiently to put him out of commission for 13 days. Poor John, don't worry, legs grow back.

Edit: However, after mission 3 when Alec was very nearly eviscerated by alien fire, I'm quite certain John was looking rather smug as Alec joined him in the infirmary. "If only someone was there to patch you up, eh?"

Jim Rossignol is proving quite the sneaky murderous little dirtbag, racking up a fair kill count already, all of which while being nowhere near the front lines.

Edit 2: Nooooooo, John Walker, you shall be missed (not by Alec though, ZING!). Poor guy, he was the team's only medic on what should have been an easy xp run for some rookies. After being ambushed by a pair of floaters he couldn't be helped as he bled out on the floor.

Edit 3: Sorry Squaddie Splynter, you are down and out. Crouched behind a large car in a London car park, an enemy floater took you out in one lucky shot. In happer news, mister Rossignol just made Captain, and you lasikbear are now a Corporal.

Edit 4: Disastrous mission. Quinns is dead, so's Alec, along with a random recruit. Two of the survivors are out for 14 and 15 days respectively, the last member is out for 5. Quinns got really unlucky, a critical hit from a fairly ordinary enemy struck him for 10 damage, Alec was mobbed and very nearly survived. An enemy got into melee and reduced him to 1hp, but the zombie I hadn't seen then came round the corner and finished him off. I'd have protected him, but I was being attacked from two sides and had to choose to save one or the other. I may well restart tomorrow, I've made some pretty bad screw ups (like spending lots and lots of money under the assumption things like medkits were consumable, doh!) and am also thinking the 30% cash bonus from the African base would be very nice.

Edit 9000: Yup, started again. Holy cow it's so much easier now that I didn't blow all my damn money on useless crap. A few missions in, much better idea of what I'm doing in those too, only one significant casualty so far; Lieutenant Tikey, at the time my highest ranking soldier, had a terrifically unlucky run, caught by three enemies in half-cover on a mission the day before I finished researching carapace armour. Poor Tikey, I'd grown quite attached to him after his amazing shot in the previous mission got a treble kill (killed two aliens, one of which killed a third via mind-link). Still, I now have Lieutenants Makariel, AlexClockwork and Gorzan. Sergeant "Lucky Bastard" Lasikbear (congrats, first one of my soldiers to earn a nickname from me!) is once again in support, swiftly becoming a reliable staple of both my campaigns, seemingly charmed never to be on the receiving end of anything too lethal.

10-10-2012, 03:06 AM
Second mission went like a charm. Got an inattentive bunch of Sectoids in a subway station, and a slow, creeping advance executed a nice defeat in detail. No one got hurt.

Throwing off their helmets are Jim Rossignol, Gorzan and Tikey. Welcome to the squad.

10-10-2012, 03:59 AM
Oh god. Alec is dead. Jim is dead. Tikey is dead. I feel ill.

We were assaulting out first UFO. The approach went fine. Jim took a hit from a plasma pistol, but Tikey patched him up like new. The craft contained a single Outsider. The Rookie shot at it. Alec and Tikey sprayed bullets at it. Jim fired a headshot and a reaction shot. Nothing hit. It never missed. It always killed. Alec was first. The Rookie went down soon after. It came after Jim. Tikey was a hero, who ran to the hull of the UFO hoping to ambush it as it came out. He got off a point blank, deliberate shot. 52% chance to hit, after a string of 45s from everyone else. Miss. Dead.

I feel like the RNG screwed me a bit for this one. Looking forward to the mission where it evens out.

10-10-2012, 04:13 AM
At least I died a hero

10-10-2012, 05:51 AM
I'm honored to be a support. And these seem like some situations straight out of hell we've volunteered to walk into.

10-10-2012, 10:17 AM
Sounds like things are going to get sticky! Loving it so far and can't wait till friday! I expect Heavy arathain to make an appearance in my game ;) Also, if you find any more assault slots opening up, feel free to stick me in there

10-10-2012, 10:19 AM
Ouch, RPS is getting hit pretty hard by the sounds of it. Oh and if you need to fill any gaps, I'm more than usable!

10-10-2012, 10:34 AM
Good, more meat for the grinder! Most of the filler folk will probably end up being support in my game, I do seem to go through a fair few of those ("Lucky Bastard" Lasikbear's partners/temp replacements in support never seems to come out of gunfights looking very healthy). Heavies don't seem to pop up much in the roster and snipers just don't die, of the support and assault, assault has some fairly impressive resilience and a tendency to nail anything getting particularly near them (oh how I love the double shot ability, the premier "You. Die. Now." move), support on the other hand, they're on the front lines, they have no special armament and nothing special keeping them particularly alive (if they survive the turn of course, they can medkit up, but that's a big if).

Don't worry though guys, I've actually researched armour thicker than cardboard for you all this time! I'm sure I'll eventually have enough materials to equip more than one man with it.

10-10-2012, 10:42 AM
Edit: Death!
Edit2: Doubledeath!
Edit3: Tripledeath!You are not very good at this commanding thing, are you? ;) What would make reading this even more entertaining would be a screenshot or two every now and then. That would allow us readers to get a better idea of the situations that turn the RPS crew into heroes and / or heaps of steaming flesh.

Keep it up, I might even ask to become a part of the squad if the survival rate increases.

10-10-2012, 10:50 AM
You are not very good at this commanding thing, are you? ;) What would make reading this even more entertaining would be a screenshot or two every now and then. That would allow us readers to get a better idea of the situations that turn the RPS crew into heroes and / or heaps of steaming flesh.

Keep it up, I might even ask to become a part of the squad if the survival rate increases.

Not very good at commanding? I don't think my good friend General Melchett would agree with that. The enemy is on one side, my boys on the other, it makes perfect sense to stroll over and give them what for!

I'll try and remember to take a screenie or two, though most of the time I don't see the death coming. I'll have to get quicker on my screenshot key ;)

And my squad's survival rate has gone up dramatically in my newly restarted campaign. About 5 missions in with 1 casualty.

10-10-2012, 11:10 AM
If you don't get through enough snipers, feel free to alter me into an assault or somesuch. I'm just quite keen to hop out of the trench and give Fritz a right walloping! Hit for six, right-oh and Bernard's your uncle!

10-10-2012, 11:20 AM
If you need any more filler troops, feel me to throw me into my untimely death as well!

10-10-2012, 03:01 PM
I am a bit confused. Are DarkFenix and Arathain doing this together (or same person?) or is it just two different playthroughs featuring the same names?

10-10-2012, 03:17 PM
Have you ever seen up together in the same room? What does that tell you, eh?

DarkFenix is doing a seperate playthrough using the list I have posted, as far as I can tell. If anyone else uses the RPSers I, for one, would very much like to know how you get on.

10-10-2012, 03:20 PM
Thanks for clearing that up! Cool, two chances to be a hero!

10-10-2012, 04:36 PM
Jax's Playthrough:

Well, I've started the list now (I'm in August now) that I've been through friends and family (My memorial room is a bit cramped). I current sit with one of my original starting 4 (John "Buzz" Aldred - Heavy) at the rank of Colonel with 24 missions and 55 kills under his belt. After my usual squad was wiped out down to 2 people from 6 during my first encounter with Berserkers, Sectoid Commanders and a bastard Cyberdisc, I had a fresh squad of Squaddies (Officer upgrade, no rookies in my teams any more) made up of a Major Heavy ("Liandra"), a friend "Daisy" (Support), Jim(Support), Alec (Sniper), Kieron (Assault) and Tom Francis(Assault).

We were sent to a large UFO which had landed in Mexico. It seemed nice a clear with some slow progression until we came to the huge opening in the rear of the craft, Mutons and Berserkers streamed out (Ok, like 6 mutons and 2 berserkers) destroying the sparse cover we hid behind. Jim was the first casualty as the reaction shot flew past the first berserker and we was unceremoniously parted from every bone in his body, leaving nought but a stain to prove he existed.

The fight was hard with Liandra, Tom and Kieron leading the way, supported by Daisy at the rear and Alec covering from the treeline. Eventually they made their way into the bowels of the UFO to be confronted by 3 sectoids. After what they'd just been through, I made the classic Xcom mistake, I underestimated them and got cocky. The sectoids let loose, grazing Tom, which cause Kieron to panic ( which in the most awesome way possible caused him to destroy a sectoid which previously had a 20% chance of being hit). However this wasn't enough as the remaining two took potshots at Tom once more, the final shot taking his head clean off. Thats when the "FFFFUUUU" moment came as a Cyberdisc rounded the UFO and lit up Alec like a christmas tree. The screams... the fire...

Needless to say the remaining 3 co-ordinated and took the silver bastard down.

More from me as I continue :)

10-10-2012, 04:59 PM
If anyone else uses the RPSers I, for one, would very much like to know how you get on.
I intend to start classic ironman (skipping the tutorial, who needs such a thing?) with the RPS crew next week (unfortunately I have to travel for work the next couple of days, no way to play XCom). What could possibly go wrong?

10-10-2012, 05:14 PM
I do believe congratulations are in order, Colonel Makariel. You made it to my first top ranked soldier, surviving 14 missions with a tally of 26 aliens.

My primary squad currently consists of:
Colonel 'Spitfire' Makariel leading the team in an assault role, with aforementioned 26 kills from 14 missions.
Major 'Devil Dog' AlexClockwork as his partner in shotgun-toting crime, 18 kills across 11 missions.
Major 'Fast Lane' Lasikbear as the team's chief medic, 9 kills from 13 missions.
Captain 'Stacks' Splynter backing up Lasikbear in support, 6 kills from 9 missions.
Major 'Claymore' Gorzan is the team's marksman, popping 9 heads in 9 missions.
And last but not least we have Captain 'Kong' Sunjumper bringing up the big guns with 6 kills from 5 missions.

My campaign's only casualty remains Lieutenant 'Kingpin' Tikey.

I've been taking my time thus far, allowing myself to complete missions and research aplenty without hurrying along the main mission line too much. I've just reached the underground base mission, my squad are packing carapace armour and mostly laser weapons (except my supports, who have light plasma now). I feel invincible, which means I'm going to get screwed so damn hard at some point in the near future, then I will cry. Still, high ranked assaults manning the line with 18+ hp aren't easy nuts to crack for any enemy.

10-10-2012, 05:18 PM

I'm dying too much for my liking.

10-10-2012, 05:29 PM
I respect your unquenchable bravery as much as it is possible, Tikey, but to be perfectly frank I really wish you had learned to shoot straight.

10-10-2012, 05:44 PM
Glad to see I am doing well in at least two playthroughs! Really regretting buying a boxed copy and then deciding I was too cheap to go for release day shipping.

10-10-2012, 06:06 PM
I do believe congratulations are in order, Colonel Makariel. You made it to my first top ranked soldier, surviving 14 missions with a tally of 26 aliens.
Just doing my job, Sir.

I like the ring of Col. 'Spitfire' Makariel :D and am a bit surprised to hear that assaults have a relatively good life expectancy, all things considered. My initial thought was that support or heavy's would have the best chances of going through in one piece.

10-10-2012, 06:26 PM
Throw us in a sniper slot as and when

10-10-2012, 06:43 PM
Well, seeing how there's one colonel, two captains and three majors, odds say a major will die next. Wich means odds say I might die next.
It's a luck I chose the most safe of the roles!

10-10-2012, 07:02 PM
Assault troopers do indeed seem to last surprisingly long. Their entire skill set seems to revolve around either making themselves hard to kill, or making anything that gets near them die very quickly. Support draw the enviable task of running across a battlefield with a medkit.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, my casualty-free spell is over with the death of Major AlexClockwork, taken by that cruel underground base mission. All the health in the world won't help when you're pinned down then your cover gets destroyed.

Edit: Haha @ your ninja prophecy Gorzan.

10-10-2012, 07:15 PM
I respect your unquenchable bravery as much as it is possible, Tikey, but to be perfectly frank I really wish you had learned to shoot straight.

But I play games therefore I should be a heartless killing machine!

10-10-2012, 07:40 PM
Well, things are going alright in my current campaign. Currently prepping for an assault on an enemy base, and dreading the results of that mission.

EDIT: Disaster! Had to pull out of an abduction mission when a whole bunch of Mutons and a Berserker took out 4 soldiers with their ability to wreck cover and soak up damage. With 3 veterans down in one mission, I'm going to be hard pressed to get my squad back up to fighting shape, not to mention the spreading panic levels. All this just one day away from the completion of Titan armour. They could have made it! A vigil was held down in the barracks for Disco, Scarecrow and Moose tonight.

My current named squad members:

Cpt. Alex "Trip" Clockwork: Assault with 17 kills in 11 missions.
Sgt. Drake "Nix" Sigar: Sniper with 4 kills in 4 missions.
Sq. Drayk: Sniper with 1 kill in 1 mission.


Mounting, tragic casualties.

Cpl. Makariel: Assault with 11 kills in 4 missions.
Cpl. LasikBear: Support with 4 kills in 5 missions. (Oops, double name there, seems like you have another shot at glory!)
Sq. Gorzan: Sniper with 1 kill in 2 missions.
Maj. Daniel "Enigma" Bell: Sniper with 29 kills in 13 missions. My most trusted instrument of death. Taken out in the open by a bastard Cyber Disk.
Cpt. "Disco" Arathain: Heavy with 3 kills in 2 missions.
Lt. Lasik "Scarecrow" Bear: Support with 11 kills in 5 missions.
Cpt. "Moose" Tikey: Heavy with 11 kills in 10 missions.

10-10-2012, 07:56 PM
Yay I'm alive in somebody's game!

10-10-2012, 08:21 PM
Yay I'm alive in somebody's game!

Well, that didn't last long...

10-10-2012, 08:31 PM

I'm the new Kenny :(

Totally heterosexual
10-10-2012, 09:20 PM
Heh. This is fun to follow atleast.

10-10-2012, 09:32 PM
Enjoying these posts a lot!

You can add me to your fodder list if you want.

10-10-2012, 09:43 PM
And I suffer one more casualty; Corporal Sparkasaurusmex died valiantly holding back the zombie horde, then died again when he came back as a zombie and I blew his head off. I was given an 'aliens terrorising' mission, in which I managed to save the impressive tally of, wait for it, TWO civilians. The other 14 or so became alien chow and joined the aliens to fight me. It was pretty touch and go for a while, cover became entirely irrelevant as I simply needed to maintain a cohesive line, retreating by stages and blasting the zombies as they approached.

However, my guys are now rather well equipped. I've ascended to full-size plasma weaponry for all but my assaults (no idea how to unlock the plasma shotgun, I'm assuming there is one), spider armour on my sniper, titan armour on my assaults and carapace on support/heavy (damn that titan armour is pricey). Here's the roll call for 15th July:

Col. 'Spitfire' Makariel - assault 22 missions, 46 kills
Col. 'Claymore' Gorzan - sniper - 17 missions, 32 kills
Col. 'Fast Lane' Lasikbear - support - 18 missions, 17 kills
Col. 'Stacks' Splynter - support - 15 missions, 18 kills
Col. 'Kong' Sunjumper - heavy - 13 missions, 18 kills
Cpt. 'Cargo' Dr Honeyslut - support - 7 missions, 12 kills
Cpl. Drake Sigar - sniper - 2 missions, 4 kills
Cpl. Patrick Swayze - assault - 3 missions, 4 kills

I'm slowly but surely levelling up a few more soldiers without weakening my team too much. I've just researched the S.H.I.V so once I can afford to build one I'll have some portable cannon fodder with a big gun.

Edit: Ooh and incidentally how are people doing with regards to losing nations? I've lost two in Asia (Japan and Australia if memory serves) but have managed to scrape by since then. Not sure whether that's good or bad :P.

10-10-2012, 10:39 PM
Cpt. Disco? Nice. I'm assuming given my terrible stats I'm getting promoted for my winning personality and stellar dance skills.

Patrick Swayze
10-10-2012, 11:04 PM
Looks like I'm doing okay (Y)

10-10-2012, 11:27 PM
Cpt. Disco? Nice. I'm assuming given my terrible stats I'm getting promoted for my winning personality and stellar dance skills.

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to dance his way out of an open corridor with 3 mutons on overwatch, bleeding out as the remaining members of his squad beat a tactical retreat to the Skyranger.

In other news, things are looking up, I suppose. I just cleared out one of the abduction UFOs, with their open layouts and nasty flanking opportunities. For the cost of two meat-shields, ahem, Rookies, I was pleased to welcome Sq. Sunjumper, a new Heavy with one kill to his name.

After a flawless escort mission, my team is as follows:

My current named squad members:

Maj. Alex "Trip" Clockwork: Assault with 28 kills in 14 missions.
Lt. Drake "Nix" Sigar: Sniper with 7 kills in 7 missions.
Sq. Drayk: Sniper with 2 kills in 2 missions.
Sq. Sunjumper: Heavy with 2 kills in 2 missions.
Sq. Alec Meer: Heavy with 4 kills in 1 mission.
Sq. Dr. Honeyslut: Support with 3 kills in 1 mission.


Cpl. Makariel: Assault with 11 kills in 4 missions.
Cpl. LasikBear: Support with 4 kills in 5 missions. (Oops, double name there, seems like you have another shot at glory!)
Sq. Gorzan: Sniper with 1 kill in 2 missions.
Maj. Daniel "Enigma" Bell: Sniper with 29 kills in 13 missions. My most trusted instrument of death. Taken out in the open by a bastard Cyber Disk.
Cpt. "Disco" Arathain: Heavy with 3 kills in 2 missions.
Lt. Lasik "Scarecrow" Bear: Support with 11 kills in 5 missions.
Cpt. "Moose" Tikey: Heavy with 11 kills in 10 missions.

10-10-2012, 11:36 PM
I'm the second best killer of your unit! that's nice!

Drake Sigar
10-10-2012, 11:37 PM
Disco is dead.

11-10-2012, 12:42 AM
I'm the second best killer of your unit! that's nice!
You can be my wingman anytime ;)

'Spitfire' Makariel

Disco is dead.

11-10-2012, 01:01 AM
Disco is dead.

Disco is NOT DEAD!

Unless it got shot a lot by plasma. In which case it probably is.

11-10-2012, 03:16 AM
(no idea how to unlock the plasma shotgun, I'm assuming there is one)

Alloy Cannon ;) no plasma, but that is the equivalent

Edit: Ooh and incidentally how are people doing with regards to losing nations? I've lost two in Asia (Japan and Australia if memory serves) but have managed to scrape by since then. Not sure whether that's good or bad :P.

I've lost India, China and the US at the moment, but then I'm coming to the endgame and panic levels everywhere else are only at one bar :)

11-10-2012, 02:15 PM
Sweet, I got to die then die again as a zombie!
I hope in real life after I die I get to be undead for a bit. You know, just to see what that's like.

Game finished DLing (Steam lies about current DL speed and estimated time) so I'll see about naming some vets once I have them.

11-10-2012, 03:19 PM
Sorry I'm a bit slow on getting my reports out. I don't get to play more than a mission or two at a time. I'm off sick today, so hopefully I'll get a bit more in.

11-10-2012, 04:26 PM
Please show some screenshots of the RPS crew in action!

11-10-2012, 04:30 PM
Hooooly shit that was close. So, I get an abduction mission in an urban area, a supermarket covers about 90% of the mission area so it's basically a given the aliens will all be in or around it. Having spawned at one side of the supermarket, I start moving in across the shop floor, quite cautiously, using my brand new Hover SHIV as a disposable scout, keeping my guys in cover behind the shelves and pillars advancing behind it. Zero resistance, then just as my scout reaches the far wall, what does he spot through the window? A berserker with two mutons. No big deal, right? Wrong, just as the camera finishes its introduction for them, enter the heavy floaters, a trio of them spotted on the same damn move. My SHIV is a bit too far ahead of the pack, so I move it back out of the enemy's sight down a shop aisle to wait, while moving my guys forward in heavy cover. What runs onto the scene in the enemy's very first turn? Another bloody berserker with another two bloody mutons, neatly flanking several of the positions I just took up, it's a mercy that enemies appearing on the AI turn don't get to do anything much, or I might have lost a man right there and then.

So, not only has the entire mission's worth of aliens attacked me at once, they've attacked from two sides complete with a group that can fly over to a third side and all the enemy types are of the extremely grenade-happy variety. On my first turn I thankfully managed to negate the flanking issue, killing both mutons from the second group, putting some hurt on a berserker and managing to pull everyone into heavy cover. Then it all went wrong. See, shooting a berserker gives it a free move towards you, meaning he was well within range of my front man, none other than 'Spitfire' Makariel. It used its charge attack, doing a shit-ton of damage and knocking down the wall he was taking cover behind. Shit, although Makariel's subsequent free reaction shot did finish it off. Now far be it for the ranged attackers to politely ignore him so he could take cover again, they promptly unloaded on Makariel, who is now in deep shit, 25 hp or not, but for bloody once I got a soldier critically injured rather than outright dead! It also occurs to me now that around this point would have been prime screenshot material, but I was too busy panicking to think about it. Oh and to top all this off, two heavy floaters decided to fly to the opposite end of the supermarket, right behind my position and one of the mutons decided to grenade two of my guys, destroying their cover and leaving them rather the worse for wear.

I wasn't yet expecting a wipe, but I was expecting to finally lose some more soldiers. But then 'Lucky Bastard' Lasikbear and 'Double Tap' Gorzan, the two jammiest bastards on my squad (and hence the only two to get a nickname from me), worked yet another miracle. What does Gorzan go and do? Critical hit and kill one of the heavy floaters behind me, then critical hit and bloody nearly one shot the other berserker on front of me. What does Lasikbear do? Critical hits and one-shots the heavy floater that remained in front of me, on a shot I hadn't even expected to hit. Suddenly things don't look so bad, team beefcake Sunjumper promptly finishes the berserker off, Splynter manages to wound the last floater on a lucky shot and pin it in unfavourable single combat against him (out of range of the rest of my team's exposed arses) and my drone flanks and one-shots one of the mutons.

Damned if that doesn't sum up this game, in one unlucky or lucky turn the whole battle can turn on its head. After that I did take a bit more damage, mostly from the last muton getting off another bloody grenade. But Makariel was promptly revived and got to spend 7 days relaxing in bed while someone else was repeatedly ordered to charge headlong into enemy fire instead. Fuck me I hate it when multiple enemy groups spawn together.

Edit: Ask and ye shall receive. I had a pretty good UFO landing run a couple of battles later, I've taken a load of screenshots for finally a proper AAR. I'll post it up soon.

11-10-2012, 05:39 PM
Last mission took a psychological toll. I've been chewing over what I should and should not have done, and hopefully I can work in some improvements. I was offered a bomb disposal mission and I turned it down, since it would have meant taking three rookies and Gorzan, my still green Sniper. I couldn't take another wipe, as much as I needed the cash.

I just finished an abduction mission, which went very well. Walker and Grayson were back in action, and both performed very well indeed, earning promotions to Corporal. Only the Rookie got wounded, and Walker was there with the medikit, and she got herself a promotion to Heavy, revealing herself as none other than Rab Florence. A little more female and Chinese than I seem to remember from the videos, but my memory for faces is lousy. Short for Rabina, apparently. The mission was only Sectoids, still, but I take heart nonetheless.

11-10-2012, 05:41 PM
The stories so far are very good and tense. They do help relief the pain of having to wait for my own copy, even if I instantly feel deep green envy shortly afterwards.
It is also funny to see how the inclusion of ones name makes the stories even more terrifying (I don't want to die!) and the familiar names of other forumites also increases the instant attachment to the poor sods being thrown in the grinder.

A big thank you to all of you going through the trouble of writing down how they got the rest of us horribly killed.

11-10-2012, 06:35 PM
Ah. Um. I'm not proud to say it but... I restarted. I had another squad wipe. Egypt and South Africa had already left the Council, and it looked like the USA, Canada and France were going to follow.

It was horrible. We landed at a diner in Canada. To get inside, and to better cover we had to cross a short car park with several vehicles. My advancing squad almost immediately alerted three Floaters and three Thin Men. John laid down smoke, allowing us to survive the first turn and return fire, but the Thin Men delighted in suppressing my troops behind burning vehicles, knowing, as everyone does, that in 2015 cars will run on nitro-glycerine. One explosion killed John and Nathan. Rab got off a rocket through the narrowest of gaps, but it only took down one foe, and not the other I swear was in the radius. She was flanked by Floaters, and went down shooting. Gorzan panicked, and fled behind a van. They blew that one up, too.

OK. So this time, I'm going for a different weapon vendor. I think my LMGs only ever hit anything once. My sniper rifles never actually hit anything at all- the only Sniper able to successfully shoot someone was Gorzan, and that was with a pistol.

11-10-2012, 06:52 PM
Right, here we go. Might be a bit messy because I'm shit at using forums and such. And image linking keeps randomly breaking so I'm going to have to simply link a lot of them.

Attacking a landed large cargo UFO in Brazil, I was dropped off at one end of the vessel. No hostiles in sight, one entrance to the ship visible. Here's the sight that greeted me right inside, holy shit I haven't seen one of those before.


My typical philosophy when encountering a new type of big, scary enemy is "I don't want to see what its gun does". On that note, I sent Makariel charging straight up to it to finish it fast (the little drones do sod all damage, they don't worry me anymore) while everyone else gave covering fire or weakened it. Resultingly:


Makariel does take a bit of damage from the floaters, but he's a big boy, he'll live. Being an assault, that suppression means precisely nothing, next turn he just ran straight through that fire to cover. And yes I did have Sunjumper hide behind an explosive power generator, and yes a floater did subsequently throw a grenade at him. Still, for Gorzan at least it's just another day at the office:


Et voila! All hostiles dead, a few nasty injuries, but nothing a few magical medkits won't fix. Once the big beefcake of a robot was down, nothing else in the room was particularly threatening (those floaters are only a worry if they catch you out of position).


And onwards the team moves, covering the three doors to the next room. What you can't see in the screenshot here is the sound contact I'd got, indicating hostiles not far ahead:


Which turn out to be a berserker and attendant muton, as Gorzan discovered legging it to a rooftop position. Given the positions apparent here, you can guess their butchering was rather fast:


I've previously complained about Berserkers moving towards whoever shoots them, but it turns out when you have multiple angles you can really lure them into a meat grinder of crossfire easily. This upcoming cargo bay is one I've encountered before, so I'm very suspicious of it; I get everyone in position, then have Gorzan throw a scanner up ahead. Sure enough:


Another new species of alien, elite mutons. This time however it's just a new take on an old friend, so I'm not as intimidated. Anyway, it'd be rude of me not to greet newcomers to Earth, so I send Sunjumper along his ledge to give a good old traditional human welcoming gift:


Boom. Gorzan's lovely jetpack allows him to leap over to Sunjumper's location and pick on one of the singed mutons and team up with Makariel to take on the now rather singed mutons. At the same time Splynter and my pet SHIV move in on the trio of garden variety mutons on the other side; given that my weapons all do at least 8 damage I no longer consider those much threat. Sure enough:


One elite muton down under combined fire from Makariel and Gorzan, while my SHIV and Splynter each pick off one of the regular mutons. The two seperated groups immediately panic and try to pull back, but I'm really not about to let honoured guests leave without a little Earth 'hospitality', in fact they really did seem not to want a stay at hotel XCOM, so I used alternate means of 'persuasion':


Zap. One room left; knowing better than to be incautious on the eve of victory, I take my time and position around three of the four doors, greeted by this sight as I breached:


One grenade throw later those sectoid commanders looked a little exposed, promptly cut to pieces from multiple angles. And thus I am victorious:


Fuck yeah. A nice little example of what happens when things go right. Gotta say I'm a fan of the hover SHIV, its movement is extremely fast; it can go a very long way and still shoot with a nice powerful weapon (amazing for chasing down chrysallids before they can chow on civvies). It can't take cover, but with 18hp it can take a bit of beating and aliens seem to consider it a low priority target compared to human soldiers.

The ongoing roster:
Col. 'Spitfire' Makariel - assault - 28 missions, 65 kills
Col. 'Double Tap' Gorzan - sniper - 23 missions, 53 kills (incidentally, he got the nickname from the time a disc completely got the drop on me, probably would have killed at least one guy, but it was in range of Gorzan. One. Two. Dead disc)
Col. 'Lucky' Lasikbear - support - 24 missions, 25 kills
Col. 'Stacks' Splynter - support - 17 missions, 22 kills
Col. 'Kong' Sunjumper - heavy - 19 missions, 27 kills
Maj. 'Cargo' Dr Honeyslut - support - 10 missions, 16 kills
Cpt. 'Tombstone' Patrick Swayze - assault - 7 missions, 11 kills
Cpl. Drake Sigar - sniper - 2 missions, 4 kills

And those no longer on it:
Maj. 'Devil Dog' AlexClockwork - 13 missions, 22 kills
Lt. 'Kingpin' Tikey - 6 missions, 10 kills
Cpl. Sparkasaurusmex - 3 missions, 4 kills

On a happy note, I finally have enough top end armour to go round, no more whipping boys in my squad, yay!

Patrick Swayze
11-10-2012, 07:13 PM
Fucking loving my nick name :D

11-10-2012, 08:02 PM
OK. This time I only lost two assaulting the downed UFO. The damned energy thing did its usual one shot one kill and took out Nathan, but in doing so it allowed John to get off a reaction shot, and Alec finished it off at point blank with a massive volley of lead. John's death was more my fault- I was hoping to run him through the UFO to help flank some Sectoids in the trees just outside the craft. There was a Sectoid in the craft- it had fled from an earlier encounter, and hit John with reaction fire, causing him to panic, and flee out of position. It finished him off on its turn.

Drake Sigar
11-10-2012, 08:30 PM
Attacking a landed large cargo UFO in Brazil
Very cool, first time I've seen corridor fighting. Did you get a crapload of alien rescources? That looked like a lot of boxes.

11-10-2012, 11:37 PM
My typical philosophy when encountering a new type of big, scary enemy is "I don't want to see what its gun does". On that note, I sent Makariel charging straight up to it to finish it fast [...]
Incidentally, that's how I play multiplayer shooters.

Good stuff! Makes me want to play even more and show the aliens that I'm not only a shotgun-toting killing machine, but also a general and gentleman.

12-10-2012, 03:18 AM
Ahh, this next run is going better. Thanks, Alec 'Hulk' Meer and Mad 'Android' Jax.

12-10-2012, 04:03 AM
Very cool, first time I've seen corridor fighting. Did you get a crapload of alien rescources? That looked like a lot of boxes.

Ohhhh yeah, those things are worth a metric fuckton of resources. They make a fun environment to fight in too, lots of cover, corners and corridors make a great arena for squad tactics.

One nice thing late in the game is explosives stop being at all detrimental to corpse loot collection. All enemies I face now have enough health to never be one shotted by explosives, so an opening grenade or rocket merely softens them up and destroys their cover, making picking them off conventionally very easy.

12-10-2012, 09:12 AM
Ahh, this next run is going better. Thanks, Alec 'Hulk' Meer and Mad 'Android' Jax.

Thankyou for the cool nickname ;)

12-10-2012, 09:50 AM
Oh man, I was so excited this morning I got up at 6 to play having preloaded during the week. took an HOUR to finish the installation so I have essentially played 3 rounds of the first skirmish before I had to come to work.

Playing on Classic Ironman, skipping the tutorial since I played the demo, I deployed in Russia, setting down in a picturesque town square just behind the burnt out wreck of a bus. I quickly discovered that I had been flanked by two groups of three sectoids each, lurking behind cover and proving generally tricky to get at.

By assuming a defensive position and setting all my troops on overwatch, I was able to take out the group on the right flank (but not before the Assault Trooper destined to become Jim Rossignol takes a minor hit).

In the course of the next two turns I moved the trooper to be known as Alec Meer into heavy cover behind some sort of transit van, from where he deployed a grenade at the feet of the first sectoid on the left. Fellow troopers will be taking up support positions in the event of a reprisal when I get home this evening!

12-10-2012, 03:39 PM
Sweet, finally got the game downloaded. Gonna mess around with it today, then start a campaign proper tomorrow with a team of RPS goons and random fb friends. Prepare for lots of blood, death and incompetent boobery.

12-10-2012, 03:51 PM
I've played a few good hours.
There are already loses. Arathain, you were one of my best soldiers, and you died a hero delaying the aliens so the rest of the team could get to the extraction point of the worst mission ever.
Meanwhile Drake Sigar has become my top soldier and a hell of a sniper too.

This is my current team (I always try to take one rookie so I have some cannon fodder)

A painful memento of Arathain's death

Drake Sigar
12-10-2012, 05:03 PM
Meanwhile Drake Sigar has become my top soldier and a hell of a sniper too.Of course!

12-10-2012, 05:14 PM

12-10-2012, 05:39 PM
Twice now I'm the guy dying holding up the advancing aliens while everyone else pegs it. Note to self: altruism and sacrifice not necessarily a perk. Thanks for the screenshot. Those are some damn fine boots to be dying in.

12-10-2012, 11:53 PM
The base is woken up by the sound of alarms. Alien abduction teams have landed around the world, and we'll only be able to respond to one. The reports coming in from Dallas indicate a sizable alien strike-force has landed there, but North American public's growing unrest leaves me no choice but to choose this site over other, easier battles. I order Sq. Sparkasaurusmex, Sq. Florence, Col. Clockwork, Lt. Sigar, Cpl. Honeyslut and Sq. Angel to suit up and head for the Skyranger.

The team touches down at 6:01 am in the middle of an intersection facing what looks to be an abandoned boutique at the bottom of an apartment complex. The team quickly moves to what cover they can find in the open. Col. Clockwork cries out 'Contact!' as a team of Mutons backing up a lone Berserker stirs inside the shop. The Berserker charges blindly out the doorway, and the team cleanly takes him out.

The remaining Mutons quickly retaliate, and the one-two punch of a grenade and plasma fire knocks Sq. Angel into critical condition. Cpl. Honeyslut rushes over and stabilizes his fallen comrade, while Clockwork shrugs off some plasma fire in his newly minted Titan armour. Then, things get bad.

Two Berserker-Muton teams and a trio of Heavy floaters advances down the right flank, taking some shots at Sigar and Clockwork. One of the Mutons inside falls to Laser fire as the team repositions to counter the incoming enemies. One Floater jet-packs to the other side of the building, flanking him as a Muton keeps him suppressed.


Clockwork dashes inside and takes out the suppressing Muton with a point-blank shotgun blast to the face. HoneySlut moves over to fire on the flanking floater, and somehow manages to miss! If I'd had to guess, I'd have given him a 98% chance of making that shot. Sparkasaurusmex moves inside to take cover behind a display case from the advancing horde in the street, and fires on the flanking floater, injuring him in the process. Florence panics disgracefully after a rocket shot (expertly delivered to the vehicle the aliens are hiding behind for MAXIMUM DAMAGE) sends an enraged Berserker his way and whimpers behind the alien drop pod. Sigar moves behind the hood of the Taxi and whittles down the resistance of one of the Berserkers.


After clearing out the Floater and remaining Muton from inside the shop, the team repositions inside and behind the building to reload and prepare for the remainder of the alien force. Setting up an ambush pays off, as a passing floater is vapourized by Cpl. Honeyslut. I think he deserves a promotion for that.


With momentum shifted back in our favour, the rest of the operation passes without a hitch. Back at base, Cpl. Dr. Honeyslut and Lt. Drake "Nix" Sigar are awarded well deserved promotions. I hear that the men have taken to calling the good doctor "Shield". A fitting name for a medic.

Unfortunately we aren't afforded much time to regroup, as the next day, this appears on the Geoscape:


13-10-2012, 12:28 AM
I think this game hates me. More than usual.

OK, so I restarted. My pace is slow as usual, but hey, things are going well. Done some abductions, a crashed UFO, a Council mission, all good. I've got some really promising soldiers up and coming. I've just upgraded my squad size to five. The only thing I really need is engineers, to build more satellite relays and the carapace armour I just researched. Up comes an abduction mission to Mexico, moderate difficulty, reward of 5 engineers, and Mexico could use a panic reduction. A perfect opportunity to put my new skills and bigger squad to the test. Nothing I can't handle.

I put down at a gas station. My advancing squad quickly alerts some Thin Men. No problem. Actually, one of them has come quite far forward, and has left himself vulnerable to the attentions of newly gifted Sgt. Quintin 'Hardcore' Smith, as Assault trooper. Run and Gun puts me a little farther forward, and the disturbingly human alien drops in a cloud of green gas. Actually, this is not all that happens. Concurrent with this, I manage to disturb another cluster of Thin Men and two groups of Sectoids. I didn't get a precise count, but I am now facing eight to ten foes, who are all in good cover inside or on top of the main building. It's handy that I'm home alone, because I started to swear loudly at this event.

Alright, Arathain, keep it cool. No need to panic. The first thing is to try to keep Quinns alive for a turn so I can pull him back and send him on a different flank. He's only in light cover, so Sq. SanguineAngel puts down some smoke. Meanwhile Lt. Meer finds a good rocket shot is not quite in range, so he moves up a bit. I meant to suppress the the alien I could see, but accidentally hit the wrong thing and just fired instead. No bad thing. He missed, but the holo-targeting on his LMG lit up that fiend like a Christmas tree on the visor of Hypernetic, who was hanging back to take advantage of squadsight. 68% chance to hit, so of course he misses. My Rookie can only see one Thin Man in heavy cover, and decides to wait for movement.

Aliens' turn. The good: my Rookie scores a hit on a Thin Man trying for a flank, although she doesn't quite kill it. The bad: I was worried Quinns would go down under sheer weight of fire. I needn't have. The first Thin Man to take a shot gets a critical hit and drops like a stone. The next set of volleys are targetted at Alec, who also gets critted to death. Aha. Ahahahaha fuck.

There's a twist to this. A nasty twist, like a knife. Quinns isn't dead. He's bleeding out instead. Something desperate and senseless in me refuses to leave him to die lying next to a petrol pump, surrounded by nightmares. The aliens have spread out a fair bit, so one location isn't necessarily more dangerous, so SanguineAngel heads forward to stabilise. She advances cleanly, surviving some oncoming fire, and gets to a good spot in range to use the medpack. She dies next turn to a accurate plasma fire. The rest is a blur. I don't I wanted Hypernetic to flee, but he panics, and is cut down. The Rookie has been doing well, but she finally takes a shot. She survives, with one health. The poison finishes her off.

So, who's left? I review my list. Sniper Jane Rossignol is recovering from an injury. On duty we have another Sniper, Tim Stone, and an Assault, Mad 'Android' Jax. I'm running out of Rookies, so I'll have to spend precious funds hiring more, rather than the dozen other things I need to spend money on.

This ought to go well.

13-10-2012, 01:17 AM
I've hit a little bit of a brick wall. My interceptors aren't capable of shooting down the alien command ship for the next story mission. Looks like that'll be on hold until I can build some of those newfangled semi-UFO's and suitably arm them. Still, I can wait until next month's money without trouble, I have a couple of satellites ready to launch to quell panic and my satellite nexus is building for another 5 capacity.

13-10-2012, 03:11 AM
Bah. The terror mission was flawless, month ended with an A rating. To kick this new month off, I assaulted a large landed UFO, and was doing pretty well until some Mutons, a Berserker and three Elite Mutons started doing some damage. Nothing we couldn't handle, until Sgt. Patrick "Tombstone" Swayze panicked and shot Col. Alex "Trips" Clockwork, killing him. He was subsequently cut down by enemy plasma fire. This set off a wave of terror, with the assault ending with one survivor: Maj. Drake "Nix" Sigar. Tombstone Swayze has brought disgrace onto our entire unit. Those who went to their graves:

Col. Alex "Trips" Clockwork, 41 kills in 18 missions.
Lt. Dr. "Shield" Honeyslut, 9 kills in 6 missions.
Cpl. Rob Florence, 7 kills in 3 missions.
Sq. Sanguine Angel, 3 kills in 2 missions.
Sgt. Patrick "Tombstone" Swayze, 5 kills in 4 missions.

13-10-2012, 02:02 PM
Sq. Oshada, I'm sorry. That one was really my fault. You were wounded, I had lost track of some Sectoids, and there was no cause to use you so aggressively. Fell to a storm of reaction fire.

13-10-2012, 03:48 PM
Oh dear. It's my first Terror Mission, appropriately named. I am in no way ready for this. Capt. Jax, this is your chance to shine.

13-10-2012, 05:12 PM
Oh hey, that actually went really well. I quailed a bit when I spotted the Chrysallids, but MadJax blasted one and Jane Rossignol (newly nicknamed 'Black Widow') blasted another from halfway across the map. I deliberately let a civilian standing next to one of the buggers get caught in the rocket blast, which I feel pretty bad about, fate worse than death notwithstanding. There was one amusing moment where a slain civvie rose as a zombie, only to have three soldiers unleash reaction fire, all of whom hit. Dropped!

To cap it off, a neat combination of a Rookie exposing himself for a risky grenade and MadJax with an ArcThrower netted me a live Floater. That Rookie turns out to be none other than DarkFenix

14-10-2012, 01:19 AM
Good to see I'm living up to expectations, and great write ups by arathain there ;)

14-10-2012, 01:41 AM
Woo, finally I get to go and die horribly ;)

14-10-2012, 03:22 AM
So here is a problem that I am having: every time a Support soldier reaches the rank of Corporal, that soldier will die in the first turn of the first encounter with an alien group, to a single critical. I'd quite like to find out what Supports actually do. Besides which the RNG only ever seems to give me one at a time, not least because of the high attrition rate.

Ah well. Here is Cpt. Jax himself, resplendent in blue and red and his fine moustache.


14-10-2012, 12:14 PM
Support basically get to choose between being excellent medics or excellent supporters. Medic side obviously makes them better healers, support side makes them great on overwatch.

14-10-2012, 04:06 PM
I'm having one of those times when the consequences of the strategic and the tactical layers have focussed into one crucial encounter. Despite being fairly successful on the field, with only that one disastrous wipe, panic is spreading like a disease. Mexico has left the project, and seven other countries are at maximum panic levels with the end of the month approaching. You can see where that goes. It's not as dire as it seems, since the number is actually six- I just got a satellite over Argentina, one of the seven, at their direct request (I'd have done it anyway for free, but thanks for the money, folks). I have a couple more satellites in production, although one won't be ready until after the Council report. I'm looking at five nations quitting, which wouldn't end my game, but I don't imagine I'd be able to recover from.

I was really hoping for a Council mission, and for my sins they gave me one. I have to rescue a civilian. The map is that pleasant little park with the fountain in the middle. It's nice and open, so 'Black Widow' Rossignol should really dominate. The game hangs in the balance, and it will only take one blast of plasma to tip it over the edge.

14-10-2012, 11:29 PM
Crap crap crap.
It was a high priority mission for me. It was a landed alien supply ship. Perfect for getting the resources I desperately needed to prepare the alien base, so It was a no fall back thing. I was handling things nicely so I decided to take the secondary team with just one vet, so they could level up a little. Big mistake. It was the next step in alien escalation, my team ended up fighting elite muttons and reapers for the first time with disastrous consequences.

The least experienced soldiers were the first to die. Also the aliens devilishly took down my two support units so I couldn't stabilize anyone after that.
The remaining soldiers pushed forward with caution, but ended up facing terrible odds, still they managed to destroy the reaper and kill most of the muttons, but not before losing two of my remaining three soldiers.
It was all down to Makariel, the most badass soldier in the existence of X-Com, against two muttons, one elite, one regular. I pitty them. Makariel took down the elite with an overwatch action just as he tried to move into an attack position. The other mutton tried to run and Makariel consumed by revenge persued and killed it just as he tried to escape from the ship.

We had to pay a terrible price for the supplies we needed.

14-10-2012, 11:43 PM
Ouch, I've yet to have a mission losing that many people at once. I suppose all it really takes is a newbie panicking at a bad moment though, or one really bad luck turn.

15-10-2012, 12:03 AM
The aliens killing both support units first was really the worst thing that could happen.

15-10-2012, 04:16 AM
So I mentioned earlier that I had that big deal Council mission, a civvie extraction. That one was a textbook operation. Defeat in detail of the groups leading up to the escort, while leaving units strung out just along the route home to cover plenty of the map while still providing mutual support. Thin Men dropped in, Thin Men got filled full of holes. As a last, final gesture, MadJax walked right up to the final alien, ignoring its desperate fire (Lightning Reflexes is so good) and tazed it in the face. What a soldier.

Well, I didn't see a lot of the promised panic reduction on the map, but come the turn of the month only the UK and Australia dropped out. There followed a bit of a lull, in which I rather hoped for a UFO or two. The last one that had shown up was large, and my interceptor had been unable to bring it down (for which the Council downgraded me to a C, despite an otherwise stellar month. Humph.) Anyhow, after a bunch of research completing I found myself without the necessary alloy to make heavy lasers, which would have been rather useful.

The next thing to show up was another abduction. None of them were in countries with critical panic levels, but Japan was offering me a reward that was designed to lure me out- A Support Captain. As I'd previously mentioned my Supports all die the moment they reached Corporal. The mission was marked Very Difficult, but I'd never been able to determine if the difficulties mean much- I'd had previous supposed difficult missions be a cakewalk. I thought it wise, then, to bring along a good mix of ranks. Major MadJax would lead, Lt. Tim Stone, who was shaping up nicely as a mobile close-support Sniper, would be 2nd in command. NCOs were Sgt. DarkFenix and Cpl. Adam Smith, a newly minted Support. Two Rookie came along for the ride. I felt confident about these Rookies, since the reason I had run out of alloy was that I had made enough laser rifles and carapace armour that I could fully equip suitable members of my squad. These were well kitted out Rookies.

The mission starts and Tim lobs a scanner a decent distance forward, revealing a trio of Mutons lurking up ahead, just past a building. I start to take positions to engage them. Unfortunately I stumble upon another pair of Mutons lurking in the building, and I find myself in a firefight with all five, for which I am not ideally positioned. In the close-quarters fighting the big aliens go down, but they take a Rookie with them, and both DarkFenix and Smith are wounded.

I press forward, lobbing another scanner. This one lands in the middle of a Muton patrol, and allows me to place them all bunched up in a shipping container. DarkFenix lands a beautiful rocket that leaves them all rather battered and without cover. The subsequent fight is short.

Pressing forward again, we come across, shockingly, 3 more Mutons. Seriously, this is the most diversity-free alien band I've seen since my all-Sectoid days back at the start. This fight opens with Cpl. Smith getting killed at long range and continues with DarkFenix getting similarly blasted. The Rookie flips out and takes a potshot at Tim, who is for reasons I can't quite determine getting 34% odds at targets in light cover. I don't get to wonder too long, because he is felled by a 12 damage critical while in heavy cover. Meanwhile, my star performer MadJax sees a Muton roar and beat its chest like a big idiot and decides to panic and have a little cower. Another Muton rewards this display with another 12 damage critical.

I look at the situation. A badly wounded Assault and a Rookie are facing down three full health Mutons. I decide discretion is the better part of valour and run screaming and waving my arms in the air back to the Skyranger, the Rookie narrowly avoiding suppression fire on the way. I have lost a Rookie and three fine soldiers, including yet another Support Corporal, and I have lost the opportunity to obtain a Support who will be able to stay alive and be of some use.

That may be about it for this campaign. Panic is passing containable levels. I've got a couple of star performers in MadJax and Rossignol, but not enough depth in the ranks to back them up. In particular, the tenancy of Supports to get themselves critted every time they poke their heads out of the Skyranger means I lack some crucial skills.

15-10-2012, 08:32 AM
We had to pay a terrible price for the supplies we needed.
Aw, looks like there goes my promising start as a medkit dispenser as well.

17-10-2012, 02:36 AM
Shame about me panicking back there, I do apologise...... I had a nervous tummy that day :p My awesome moustache makes up for any wrong-doing though :D

Anyway, glad I'm shaping up to be a star player here...though it will make it harder to bare when I inevitably bite the short end of a plasma round :(

17-10-2012, 02:56 AM
Don't worry Mad, you're an awesome assault AND a psy in my game. Keep up the good work!

17-10-2012, 09:08 PM
Christ, Lasikbear really does get all the luck. He's turned out to be my squad's first psychic. No such luck for Makariel or Gorzan.

Edit: And the only other psychic gift in my primary squad goes to Sunjumper. The rest of the guys are boringly normal.

17-10-2012, 09:22 PM
That is markedly untrue for commander Lasikbear, who has lost the game many many times.

17-10-2012, 11:58 PM
And we have a third custom nicknamed soldier! Lt. Drake 'Broadside' Sigar, so named because he can't hit the broad side of a cocking UFO, sniper my arse.

And I feel it's about time I posted a 'meet the team' screenshot.


19-10-2012, 01:50 AM
Finally could start playing. Scrapped the first game because I made some really bad decisions early on.

Lost some rookies here and there, but once they get a name they tend to survive. With one exception so far. Tikey, I'm so, so sorry.

19-10-2012, 02:13 AM
My playing is as slow as ever. Jax, you're taking a little R&R in the hospital after you got a full crit from a Cyberdisk and a car blew up next to you. A good thing someone was on hand with a medkit.

I've been using my bits and pieces of play time to try and finish a terror mission which has gone all Resident Evil on me. I've barely crept away from my starting position, what with the swarms of Chryssalids and ensuing zombies. I've gunned down most of the civvies at this point- there are only 5 left. The insectile horrors favour going after the innocents to going after me, much to my frustration, although one did take a bit of a lump out of Rossignol, my star sniper. That just made her mad, and she's been blasting away accurately ever since. I just encountered some Floaters, which I am considering light relief, and if the blasted Chryssalids would let up I can actually go and see if I can do a spot of rescuing.

I mean, the experience has been great, but I'm not sure Germany's going to be all that happy. Incidentally, even Rookies are awesome when they have Light Plasma.

19-10-2012, 02:22 AM
Poor Gorzan, he got his face blown off in the final mission. Twice in fact. First time he merely went critical after two Mutons got supremely luck hits on him in cover. Then after reviving him the last Muton managed another lucky shot and killed him outright. Still, I failed the mission, so you've officially Jesus'ed back to life.

Lasikbear's luck continues. He was just short of the necessary will required to be the 'volunteer' psychic. That 'honour' falls to Sunjumper, who comfortably makes the cut. I don't actually know what happens to the 'volunteer', but I'm more than willing to bet it's not pretty from the talk I've heard of it.

19-10-2012, 06:51 AM
Well, at least I died bravely.
(I assume I died bravely)

19-10-2012, 07:37 AM
Poor Gorzan, he got his face blown off in the final mission. Twice in fact. First time he merely went critical after two Mutons got supremely luck hits on him in cover. Then after reviving him the last Muton managed another lucky shot and killed him outright. Still, I failed the mission, so you've officially Jesus'ed back to life.

I don't just die that easilly.

20-10-2012, 05:16 AM
I started new, which also meant Tikey got yet another shot at getting killed. However, since Tikey is a woman from South Africa, she refuses to die. Like most of my soldiers she's having a season pass for the infirmary, but better than being dead. Rossignol is dead however. It was the combination of being poisoned, standing next to an exploding car and being subjected to suppressing fire while panicking. Yeah, it was one of those days...

I have way too many snipers. It took ages until I got a second support as reward for a mission (welcome, Dr. Honeyslut) and I just got my second assault assigned last mission. Sometimes the standard-team the game puts together consists of 4 snipers and some filler.

I still didn't manage to keep all nations happy, Japan and Egypt dropped out after 2 months and currently I run the risk of loosing Argentina and South Africa. I am constantly short on money and don't know how I should get satellites any faster.

My best sniper "Zeus" Gorzan just got his head blown off by a rabid pack of mutons. No less than 8 Mutons where charging my position and poor Gorzan was completely overwhelmed. Only the use of copious amounts of rockets fired by my heavy weapon specialists helped me out here. The US was happy with the total destruction of a suburb of LA, that I got a new recruit in form of heavy weapons specialist Sunjumper. With his shiny golden armor he will praise the sun, I'm sure. Gorzan was my other high level sniper, after Rossignol died. Now it's up to newbies Drake Sigar and Drayk to give cover fire.

Madjax died while extracting a VIP in Brisbane earlier today. Got poisoned and hit by the blast of an exploding car (sounds familiar?), before a thin man finished him off with a plasma-blast from halfway across the world. Revenge came swift in form of a headshot by Gorzan. That was when he was still alive.

The last mission in Johanesburg was almost a disaster. Alex Clockwork didn't make it. He survived the blast of an exploding car (while saving a civilian with no sense of self-preservation) and an alien grenade dropped by a cyberdisk. Despite his injuries, he blasted away a charging cryssalid, while Dr. Honeyslut helped the critically wounded Tikey back on her feet. A total of three cyberdisks and 4 crysallids were ganging up on Oshada, which were taken care of by Alec Meer with his HEAT ammo and the just rejuvenated Tikey with rockets stacked on rockets, followed by more explosives by other squaddies. The last cyberdisk survived just barely and blasted poor Alex Clockwork into oblivion, who found the car he was behind not being good enough cover against this kind of firepower. My entire A-team went to the infirmary, most of them gravely wounded. This was the toughest mission yet.

Edit3 - Roster update

Patrick "DJ" Swayze just died, because none of my soldiers could shoot straight. The entire squad missed each and every shot. The mutons opposing me didn't know such restraint and one-shot poor Patrick, sending two more soldiers into the infirmary.

Who lives:
Col. Alec "Strobe" Meer (Heavy): 19 Missions, 51 Kills
Col. "Caper" Oshada (Assault): 17 Missions, 39 Kills
Col. Dr. Honeyslut (Support): 13 Missions, 23 Kills (you can trust her)
Col. "Congo" Lasikbear (Support): 18 Missions, 20 Kills
Major "Diesel" Tikey (Heavy): 11 Missions, 17 Kills
Major "Nuke" Sunjumper (Heavy): 4 Missions, 14 Kills
Lt. "Atlas" Jockie (Support): 2 Missions, 3 Kills
Sgt. Drake "Ranger" Sigar (Sniper): 5 Mission, 10 Kills
Sgt. "Shadow" Drayk (Sniper): 4 Mission, 9 Kills
Corporal John Walker (Support): 3 Missions, 6 Kills (and a horrible healer)
Coropral Dark Fenix (Heavy): 3 Missions, 6 Kills
Sq. Lacessit (Sniper): 2 Missions, 1 Kill
Sq. Flint (Sniper): 2 Missions, 2 Kills
Sq. Tim Stone (Sniper): 1 Mission, 3 Kills
Sq. DWZippy (Assault): on the way to the first mission...

Who died:
Capt. "Zeus" Gorzan (Sniper): 9 Missions, 14 Kills
Sgt. Patrick "DJ" Swayze (Assault): 4 Missions, 9 Kills
Sgt. Jim Rossignol (Sniper): 3 Missions, 1 Kill
Sq. MadJax (Assault): 3 Missions, 2 Kills
Sq. Alex Clockwork: 2 Missions, 2 Kills
plus some rookies

Edit PSY
Just did my first round of testing for psionic abilites. I think it comes as no surprise, that Colonel "Congo" Lasikbear shows the highest psionic potential. Followed by Alec "Strobe" Meer. Meanwhile, Tikey is the first soldier to get a nickname assigned by me. "Infirmary" Tikey, since she spends there more time than anyone else in my unit.

Edit Pictures:
Currently my top sniper: "Shadow" Drayk

The team that went for the overseer:

The killing machine Oshada shows some floaters and mutons the exit:

Dr. Honeyslut taking on the big guys

DarkFenix (in blue), Drayk (orange), Oshada (red) and Lasikbear (white) move out

22-10-2012, 02:38 PM
We are sorry to inform you, that Major "Infirmary" Tikey, previously known as "Diesel" Tikey, was confirmed KIA. To the regret of central command, we did not realize that she is unfit for active duty until it was too late. Being close to death against an unspeakable enemy on more than half a dozen occasions took a terrible toll to her mental condition. In the field she would panic easily and on two occasions opened fire on a fellow soldier. As you know, friendly fire is a grim reality of war and accidents can happen. However, on her second to last mission she turned around and fired at our designated sniper for no apparent reason, for which she was pulled from active duty for one month.

Her last mission brought her to China to extract a VIP. Once the VIP was in sight, so was a swarm of aliens. After being poisoned Major Tikey lost her nerves, fired seemingly at random enemies and refused to take orders. Despite being under heavy plasma fire and sustaining multiple wounds she took out at least four charging aliens. With the last of her ammunition spent, she succumbed to the poisoning, while the rest of the squad escorted the VIP to the skyranger for extraction.

22-10-2012, 02:57 PM


22-10-2012, 07:03 PM
Major Tikey was my highest ranking officer that I lost in combat. A severe blow for the troops. She will be missed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my team prepared for the last mission:


Whatever the outcome may be, it was a pleasure to serve with all of you.

... and done. Colonel Oshada landed the killing blow and Lasikbear saved the world. DarkFenix and Alec Meer almost got killed (DarkFenix almost by Alec Meer and Alec almost by Drayk - remember: being a psyker doesn't mean you can't be mind controlled). Apart from Drayk everyone who came out did so with only a few hitpoints left. I think the hitpoints the squad had in total were not even what Oshada usually has all by himself. Well done team.