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10-10-2012, 06:15 PM
There's an English version of Bunny Must Die (http://www.bunnymustdie.com/) now, it's a pretty awesome but largely unknown Japanese indie Metroidvania game. I guess it didn't gather as much attention during its initial (Japan-only) release back in '06 since unlike e.g. Cave Story it's not a free game and buying Japanese indie games is rather difficult. The user score on Desura is 9.7 but the game's not even listed on Metacritic. It even missed out on Steam as it came out shortly after Greenlight was introduced and despite having published games on Steam pre-Greenlight Rockin Android is now forced to get GL approval for games. I can understand Valve using GL as a way to get rid of shovelware publishers and their hidden object games but RA is the kind of indie company that GL was supposed to help, not hinder.

Also the game has a second quest in the form of another character that almost doubles the length of the game and not in a cheap "do it again but harder" way, the second character plays very different and has to traverse the environment in completely different ways (and while the main map remains the same almost all the secrets are changed and even simple things like destroyable walls on the main path may no longer be destroyable on the second quest).

The way you have to think about the exact limits of Bunny's abilities (e.g. that a straight up jump goes 4 blocks high but a spin jump only goes 3) to traverse environments makes it feel almost parkour-like when you succeed and finding a path through the environments feels great. The game's difficulty is high enough to keep you from blazing through on your first try but it's not so overbearing that it frustrates. Only the final boss is a massive difficulty spike unless you've been hoarding extra lives (which are in addition to the frequent save points so you won't need them in regular play and should save them), with plenty of lives it's on par with the rest of the game (you still need to restart a phase if you die during it but you don't need to redo the whole fight since it's a LONG one). That could probably have been solved better but hey, it works out if you know to save your lives.