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14-11-2012, 10:00 PM
I have put Escape_v4 on server with the following additions;

- UAV at airfield (This doesn't work)
- Homing device system (Use the black PMC SUV to "sweep" for deployed IR strobes and get a marker for them)
- Randomish crates with an IR strobe in them
- A number of Civs that wander towns, ask them for a map or GPS and they might oblige.

Let me know how it goes and suggestions.

15-11-2012, 04:20 AM
Saw your first bit about the UAV, if you intend it to work for people and can't get it to work I thought I'd chime in and say I can get it operational for you (ala like I did with the domination). Otherwise I like the sound of the other stuff and shall see about giving this a go with a few people.

Regards Hawk.

15-11-2012, 10:24 AM
I have adjusted the UAV, needs someone to try it out at some point.

15-11-2012, 03:05 PM
I'll help test out the UAV later today, just shoot me a message on steam

15-11-2012, 11:14 PM
I won't be around that much until sunday, I may be around after 9pm tomorrow and sat. If a few people are about give it a whirl and post your findings here.

16-11-2012, 11:31 AM
Well I didn't get to check out the UAV for you but I went solo looking to see how it played and locate any possable bugs, bellow is an AAR for my experence, below that my personal verdict and any bugs encountered.

Operational Procedure: START.

Personal Status : Character class: Officer, Equipment: M1911, five magazines, Four smoke grenades, Binoculars. Adrenaline level 0%.

Spawned in open terrain, immediately went prone and scanned the surrounding area. No landmarks in sight checked my watch 9:00am, proceeded to head East toward the sun, found Vibor after two minute travel time. Performed 180 recon of Vibor, identified five individuals in civilian clothing on Vibor's east side. Entered Vibor cautiously from the south heading for these civilians with hopes of asking for a map, slowly approached 3 of these civilians whom where grouping together.
"Wait that civilian is carrying a hunting rifle. (CZ-550) something seems off here..."
"Well maybe Bodge added some resistance fighters or something?"
Continued my approach, got within 10 feet and they turned and started raising their weapons... Took down two before any of them had raised their firearms, the third ran behind a wall heading down the main road.

Looted my second kill and retrieved the following, AKM/three AKM magazines/Map/Compass. Slowly circled around the wall and took the third guy down in the middlie of the main road, saw open building on the otherside then spotted two further guys coming down the left side of the road. Targets eliminated with two careful shots.

Personal Status : Engagements: 1. Kills: 5. Adrenaline level 10%.

Hmm I hear a vehicle approaching... Dashed into afore mentioned building and took cover in one of the rooms, listened carefully, yep that vehicle was entering Vibor. Heard it circle around my building risking a peek I identified a Hilux pickup with PK. Waited for a few minutes listening to this vehicle, now it was heading back towards the main road.
"Hmm maybe I can..."
Moved to the building entrance hoping to catch the gunner as they passed the building but my calculations were off the vehicle had already passed, oh well I'm not getting a free ride, best not stir the nest unnecessarily. Quickly exited Vibor to the north heading for the main airfield.

Personal Status : Adrenaline level 15%.

Arrived at the airfield's outter wall, game time 9:20am now I had a choice, skirt round or go through?
Screw it I'm a sneaky S.O.B when I want to be.
Entered the airfield perimeter reconned the Barrack area with my Binoculars no hostiles, edged closer to the actual airstrip but remained in the small forest. Reconned the airstrip, three squads of eight heavily armed Chedaki patrolling the hangers.
"Sh*t I'm good, but not THAT good. Not with a none scoped weapon anyway."
Headed back to the outter wall, except now I plan to follow it around on the inside. Followed the wall round slipping onto the outside just incase, Hear a vehicle approach hit the ground and waited.
Identified a truck loaded with Chedaki coming down the small road, watched hoping to remain concealed. Success I remain concealed, at least until that damned ASR_AI decides it's going to go through the hole in the outter wall less than 20 feet from me! I wait until the truck is about 30 feet from me and engage, eliminate all hostiles before they can even exit the truck. Loot AK 74 PSO, 6 magazines and 2 RGO grenades from the driver whom seems to have been ejected from the vehicle upon death as the truck is locked, I can't use it. *sob*

Personal Status : Engagements: 2. Kills: 15. Adrenaline level 55%.

Proceed on with my mission of reaching the UN secured airfield at Krasnostav to the north-east.
Skirt round Grishino no point in doing anything stupid, Heading for the Novy Lug area.

Personal Status : Adrenaline level 30%.

Reach the Novy Lug area, game time 9:50am. recon the large open area from the forest with my shiny (slightly blood stained) new PSO identify a patrol of eight Chedaki and a lone civilian in the open, decide to go round afterall I'm close to victory now. Head through the forests for awhile when I both hear and see the dust cloud from a few vehicles on the road I'm approaching. Remaining consealed I watch, A single truck loaded with more Chedaki and a BDRM vehicle. The BDRM continues on along the road... But the truck, it stops the Chedaki debus and start to patrol in the forest while the truck takes off again!

Personal Status : Adrenaline level 65%.

The next 25-30 minutes real time are some of the most 'pant-sh*ttingly' fun I've had for a long time in ARMA, following these Chedaki around the forests undetected looking for an opening sometimes coming within 20 feet of them.

Personal Status : Adrenaline level 95%.

Eitherway I make it past and home to the welcoming arms of the United Nations Peacekeepers at Krasnostav Airfield.

Final Status : Engagements: 2. Kills: 15. Adrenaline level 95%.
Final Time : one hour thirty minutes.
Bugs Found : None.
Final Verdict : ***** (That's five star) Nice work Bodge.

Regards Hawk.

16-11-2012, 05:31 PM
Another 4-6 hour session?

16-11-2012, 10:22 PM
It must be said, so that it is clear. Escape is a mission made by Monty. Not myself. I am editing it as an experiment. My current aims are to 1) speed up the end game and 2) give you more reason to head to towns.

17-11-2012, 09:50 AM
It must be said, so that it is clear. Escape is a mission made by Monty. Not myself. I am editing it as an experiment. My current aims are to 1) speed up the end game and 2) give you more reason to head to towns.

Oh well... there is an edit to escape_v4 in where you can adjust draw distance and have dynamic weather for everyone, it is meant for people who are struggling with original and in there you can just adjust the settings to your liking