View Full Version : Operation Red Sand - Bad Company 2 Machinima - BE THE VOICE!

Comrade Commissar
03-06-2011, 09:08 PM
Hello fellow RPS readers!
I am part of a Machinima team and we are currently working on a HUGE project, a Bad Company 2 film! It has a whole storyline and lots of dialogue and therefore we need good voice actors in order to maintain a high overall quality. Unfortunately our team consists mainly of Germans and Swiss, this is why we only got a few, really good voice actos that are able to speak English without accent.

This is where you guys come in! We are in desperate need of good, native English speaking voice actors who are interested in becoming a part of this huge project! And what place would be better to ask this than the biggest British PC Gaming community?

We launched a promotion trailer for our voice actors! Be sure to check it out!


We would be very happy if you would participate and help us make this a overall high quality product!

(P.S.: Don't mind the spelling mistakes. Our producer (A Swiss) was so excited about the new trailer that he uploaded the video before the translators could imrpove the text seen in the trailer.)