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  1. LEVEL 22 : a "Stealth Comedy Game" on Steam Greenlight with a free demo

    Hi everybody !

    Noego has just launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for their new stealth game : LEVEL 22.
    In this game with a lot of humor and references to Metal Gear Solid, you play as Gary,...
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    A work in progress have been set up on our...

    A work in progress have been set up on our website that allow you to follow the progress of the development : WIP LEVEL22
    And for more explanations about the gameplay follow this link : LEVEL22
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    Level 22 on Steam Greenlight Concept

    Hello everyone. We are the NOEGO team, a trio of independent game developers.

    We would like to introduce you our upcoming title: LEVEL 22 Ė Garyís Misadventures. Itís a pointín click stealth...
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