That went a lot worse than the scoreline suggests. And I think I'm definitely relegated.

So, end-of-season team status report:

Obelix - Still alive! And is probably the only reason I still care about this team.

Warriors - Brutalised. Down to one experienced one and only one other with block. A relatively fresh one picked up a niggle yesterday but that'll have to do as I can't afford another warrior yet.

Beastmen - Asterix (blockle, claw) is nicked but alive. Cacofonix (MA, wrestle, tackle) is too, so that's good. Gives me a solid core of players defensively, and ball-carrier Caligula Minus picked up block last game so he's looking solid too. I need to buy another and to get block on the one with dodge but otherwise they're not in too bad shape I suppose.

Overall there's a good core there but losing so many players to injury/death has been a bit soul-destroying. Getafix (ST, MA, dodge.... -AV) has sadly picked up a niggle so I've decided to retire him. He was enough of a liability with -AV as it was so given I've got a season on the bottom rung to look forward to I've decided to let him go.

Next season I think I should probably consider focussing on scoring with warriors where at all possible.