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    FUMBBL (Blood Bowl) Thread. Always looking for fresh meat!

    Right then. This is the FUMBBL thread.

    I've stuck Blood Bowl in the title in the hope of enticing people interested in BB but dunno what FUMBBL is and so ignore us.

    All the reg'lars know what we're up to so here's some info for any potential newbies.

    It's Blood Bowl! It doesn't have 3D shinies, but other than it's superior to the Cyanide game in a vast number of ways, depending on what you're looking for. It doesn't hide so many of the rules from you, works out some of the dice roll maths on your behalf, has better stat tracking for teams and players, lends itself better to naming teams and players after a theme, etc.

    RPS FUMBBL Group

    If you're joining to play with us then any teams you want to enter into RPS tournaments and also for a better chance of getting "friendly" games with us lot then you'll be wanting to create teams in the "League" division (that's an option when you're making a team, can't miss it.)

    We have a rough schedule of four league-based tournaments for teams at different levels, but if you happen to join at a point in the "calendar" when it's higher-level teams you shouldn't have too much problem getting games with us to progress your team a bit if you so desire.

    Arranging friendlies
    We usually just work on a basis of either posting in here that we're looking for games or nudging each other on Steam.

    So, as the title says we're always looking for new folk to join in. We're a friendly bunch with a very forgiving schedule in our tournaments (i.e. if you have a busy week you won't be forced to forfeit a game) and are always willing to offer any help or advice should it be needed. So JOIN US.
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