Probably most of you know of the suicide of Aaron Swartz, an IT genius and activist. As title, do you consider his death to be the result of the oppression by financial and political powers which control the flow of knowledge, or of just his own stupidity? Knowledge, of which innovation being lead mainly by academic researches, should be allowed to flow freely by whatever means necessary (such a politically correct statement, who dare to publicly speak against it?). This main issue here, however, is that he hacked into MIT's network to release the papers which are under paid subscription, which brought him under criminal investigation, probably delivered solid evidence against him.

I dont like those publishers who impose unfair terms against us. Some years ago while I was still in HKUST, its library issued a notice regarding allegation still some students amongst us apply some techniques like machine controlled downloading streaming subscribed papers from a publisher, who subsequently threatened to forbid access of UST users. Can you fuxking believe that? We paid tuition fee, and the Chinese government funded it with taxpayers' money. And UST library blamed us for "excessively" downloading paid materials?!