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    Quote Originally Posted by Caddybear View Post
    I will not pass up games I'll enjoy.
    There's a bakery round the corner from my home which has excellent doughnuts. The bakery institutes business practises which offend me and directly impact my enjoyment of said doughnuts. I stop going to that bakery. Simple.

    I'm not going to say someone can't bitch about DRM in a line of games they continue to buy even though they know what they're getting into, but... it's a videogame. There are thousands of them. It's really not that hard to avoid one. This idea gamers get in their heads that they're depriving themselves of an experience and 'no! why should I be the one to suffer!' is just so pathetic. I didn't play Mass Effect 2. HOW AM I ALIVE?!

    Now I'm human too, occasionally I get the gamer itch for something I simply must have maybe once or twice a year. Not every single week. I am not some child waving about his mother's credit card who has a new favourite movie every Saturday. Gamers need to stop acting like entitled brats with the self-control of a nymphomaniac standing next to a bowl of fruit.
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