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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhazor View Post
    A fun new shite nugget from EA. They are now preventing forum users from posting the EA customer care phone number to reduce refunds.

    A part of me just has to admire the sheer balls of EA at this point.

    If anyone wants the number it is 1-866-543-5435

    Time to put Streisand Effect in full...effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalano View Post
    Ever-changing people, perhaps, but the way corporations are organized, their practices are almost always the same.
    Tell that to Apple. I'm pretty sure Steve Jobs had a profound influence on them when he returned in terms of their approach. This idea that the CEO isn't the one steering the ship is naive and misguided. Sure corporations are all about making money, but it still requires someone to dictate approach and strategy.

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    There are all sorts of CEOs. The incompetent ones that do nothing, and incompetent ones that do a lot.

    The good ones always have a strong influence on the company.

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