I thought it could be good to get most of any discussion around last night's event into a separate post, to keep stratgir clean.

First a couple of facts and personal observations.

Cooper reported a peak of 115 outfit members online! That is more than twice our regular numbers for strategic nights. Many of these were new players, and some of them were old players who came back after a time off. It was good to have you all on, old and new alike!

I PL'd for one platoon, Nick for the other. Cooper took care of most of the introductory stuff with the newest players, while Nick and I took the old outfit members and the more experienced PS2 players who joined for the event. We had a separate channel for coordinating the movements of the three platoons, which worked out alright, if not perfectly.

As PL, I spent the first hour or so, leading from the backseat, so to speak, mostly having to manage platoon invites and squad balance. This probably reflected in the quality and quantity of my orders.

We started out capping some mostly empty NC territories near our warpgate, except for one particularly hot fight for Silver Valley Arsenal against a big force of at least three NC outfits. We then spent some time (too much, someone thought, rather vocally) advancing to and trying to crack Auraxis Firearms Corp, a very defensible location.

During most of this time Nick's platoon was mostly fighting the TR up north, and we had superiority in numbers until the TR saw what was going on and brought the GOONs over there. Most of the rest of the night was spent on the defensive against bigger numbers, while the NC and TR seemed to both be hitting us rather than fighting eachother. A rather reasonable response, given our previous push.

In the end it seemed that we were the Vanu presence on Amerish, and we had grown tired of that fight. So those of us who were left at that point left for Indar at around 23 UTC, where we did good headway, nearly gating the TR before the servers went down to apply a hotfix, at which point we lost the advantage there.

Nick and Cooper, feel free to fill in the details of your platoons, and anything you feel that I missed so far.

We were very focused on taking care of the influx of new players, and were not at peak efficiency, naturally. Still, I think we did a good job overall, and I had a fun, if a bit stressful, time leading my platoon. There was very little shooting of lasers for me, though.

How was the experience playing during the event? I'd love to hear from both new players and old.