Greetings everybody!

Commander Duke Witherheart here! Now, I understand that I've not been seen around these parts recently, but I have been very, very busy with work. I hear that World vs World vs World for our beloved Gunnar's Hold hasn't been too successful of late and these hard times have given me rose-coloured thoughts for the past - including the last Call To Arms.

RPS has seen a recent influx of active players with an interest in WvWvW. This is good and I think it's time to really demonstrate our capabilities when we combine with the wider server community as in days of old. There was something really special about having forty of us being able to work together towards a clear, singular goal while in the same channel and I want to try and repeat that success.

With that in mind...

Time for some large-scale shooty-shooty bang-bang!

Where and when do we meet up?

Hoelbrak, 7PM on Saturday the 23rd!

Never been there before? You can get a portal directly to it from Lion's Arch.

Do I need anything?

No! While we'll be coordinating with the Gunnar's Hold community and using their Mumble, we'll also have parties and squads up on the night. Everything will be made clear in party and team text chat in-game throughout the event.

You don't even have to bring a high level character. Even if this is your first time ever running with RPS in WvWvW we'll be nice (I promise). Just come along and see what fun you can have.

Where are we going?

To World vs World vs World comrade!

The exact map is to be decided on the night. I'm thinking possibly EB for a change, depending on numbers and the sort of resistance we'll be up against there. Ultimately, if we need up with all of the community playing within the event then we may be holding some epic defenses (defences?) within our own BL as at the last A Call To Arms.

What are we doing?

Expect the very particular brand of organised chaos that we're really great at in RPS. We'll be sticking up all manner of siege equipment just about anywhere on the map. It's a lot of fun and I hope that you can all make it.

Despite my recent hiatus, most of you will be familiar with my big-scale, high-risk, high-payoff style of commanding and if you like that, come along!

That it? No special, uber-secret tactics?

Just one: Bring a lot of supply.

I'll see you all on Saturday in Hoelbrak and tell your friends! Post below if you're coming.