Many thank yous to the 54 brave comrades who charged headlong into the warm embrace of enemy boolets, spittle, and tank shells side by side, arms interlocked and singing! Today, we died in the pursuit of the likes of:

  • Poctalon
  • Whitewash
  • Greenola (not so much a "heavy fog" as a goddamned shamal storm!)
  • Dash
  • Fuel Raid

We began with Wolfenswan's updated and working Poctalon, wherein NAPA data thieves bashed themselves piecemeal against the veritable stone wall of Russkie boolets. Even bringing down one of their choppers in a hail of DShKM fire didn't halt the unstoppable Russian juggernaut. Whitewash was a cakewalk as we waltzed into Zelenogorsk while a symphony of miniguns obliterated anything and everything in our path. All that changed when the fire nation T-72's attacked. Greenola featured an agonizingly slow chopper ride and the very befuddled and confused US Army platoon wandering around blind in a sandstorm for 30 minutes while IndFor twiddled its thumbs. Dash was an abortive lesson on why charging machine-guns and autocannons with Jackals and civvie vehicles is never a good idea, and we closed out the night with a nice Fuel Raid, featuring some frenetic worm action as OpFor got whittled down until only three reached the gas station.

Again, thank you for coming along on the ride, and a special thank you to everyone who attended today's workshop! A reminder to all workshop attendees, please be on time in order to minimize headache and glitches.

Enjoy your workweek!

~ Ferrard
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