I need to source a board for an FX build (either a 4170, 4300 or 6300, not sure yet) and I see there's the usual dizzying range of options from bargain boards (760G) through midrange (970) and higher-end (990).

From what Google can tell me, 760G is a bodged older chipset and should be avoided unless money is super-tight (and it sort-of is).

It seems 990 really only offers benefits for high-end builds with multiple GPUs (not interesting in that) - 110+ for a mobo is a scary prospect really.

There seems to be a lot of negativity towards Gigabyte, Biostar (generally) and Asrock boards when it comes to overclocking due to lack of cooling/power issues - and people seem to think that overclocking these chips is pretty much a no-brainer so you should get a board which supports it?

Any recommendations or tips or debunks for that lot?

Also - is there really any reason to get a 6/8 core chip if all you're doing is general desktop work and some gaming?]