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    Battle World: Kronos - Looking for Battle Isle rebooted?

    Disclosure: that's not my game but I'm following that project since a couple of years.

    For all those of you who remember the legendary turn-based strategy games like Battle Isle or History Line and can't understand that such games are not produced anymore: there might be an alternative upcoming. It's called Battle World: Kronos and they are currently campaigning on Kickstarter (

    Their first try to bring that game to a wider audience failed 2 or 3 years back as they didn't find a publisher. However now they decided to bring it to KS and they are aiming for 120k of which more than 40k are already funded. It's basically a classical hexfield turn-based strategy game and has many similarities with the likes of Battle Isle. Watch out for the video which already shows some impressive gameplay scenes.

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    There's already a thread for it, was just in the wrong part of the forum at first:

    Funding at 68k atm, looking good! :)
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