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Yeah I'm going to have to agree with Unaco here playing that game yourself even if its a very linear game means that you feel that you get to know the characters personally meaning that cut scene about that chaacters death is a lot more effective then it would be if you just watched it on you tube.
This sounds like a personal failing on your part to me. Did I watch the entire playthrough on youtube? Did I read a 200 post playthrough on a forum. Characters are just as real to me if I did that than if I played the game.

By your logic a shitty no plot Mario games makes me care more about the character than I do about Kellanved from MBOTF. Sure Kellanved's influence on the world through the other characters' eyes and the explicit scenes involving him plotting are detailed and well thought out. But I didn't make him swing a sword 100000 times by clicking the B button. So I must not care about him.

You may feel as if you participated in the story by clicking the B button. But unless your actions created a difference in the outcome you didn't participate.

What extra knowledge do I gain about the characters' lives by playing that I can't get by watching? Does the game beam a plot point into my head that someone watching on youtube can't see? No? You mean there is not significant difference at all?

Oh brave new world.