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Interview with the developers on RPG Codex.

-Implied that it got greenlighted because of kickstarter and Grimrock successes.
-Skill system is based on M&M 6-8 as well as class promotions
-Movement and combat are based on M&M 3-5
-Training for level ups was dropped (RUINED FOREVER)
-There's going to be a bout 20 dungeons
-No sci-fi elements because it would clash with the previously established rebooted universe but there may be references
-Four races and three unique classes per race
-No random encounters
-No always-online DRM but uplay and therefore most likely no GOG release
Thanks for the link. These would be my responses in TLDR form:

-Meh, it's worse than free movement but may be what it takes to get an M&M game in the first place (or a good one, fingers crossed).
-RUINED FOREVER. How about some training is the most epic line in RPG history.
-Less than I'd have preferred. But if they're as long as the average M&M6 dungeon, that's still a decent amount of content.
-OMG, a publisher playing it safe. This must be a first in gaming history.
-Fine. Would have preferred more classes and less races, but this'll do. Especially if the skill system still makes classes versatile.
-That sucks.
-Meh. Par for the course.

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Well, you grew up wrong.
That's not exactly what I was saying. I understand personal preference (I also prefer the free movement of M&M6+), but Grimrock pretty clearly illustrates that tile-based movement isn't completely obsolete. It also demonstrated the advantages of tile-based movement - it saves a bunch of money which can then be spent improving other aspects of the game (or making the game possible in the first place).