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    A couple of interesting CryEngine games (Warhorse RPG gameplay inside)

    GDC CryEngine 3 Licensee showcase

    The Warhorse RPG is the last one. It's a medieval RPG in a realistic European setting made by ex-2K Czech devs. It's only a glimpse but we can all agree it looks stunning. Glad to see it's first person.

    The game that raised my eyebrows is Lichdom. It reminds me of Project Offset and Dark Messiah. I never heard of it and a Google search makes me even more confused. It's made by a relatively new company. They have the designer of TES IV's Oblivion Planes on board. Looks like he also worked at CCP. I'm fairly sure it's singleplayer because the player seems to use slow-mo.

    The Enodo thing is mindblowing but it's a city planning software. Unless they branch out and make a game out of it.

    The rest is either a known quantity (including Crytek's own subsidiary RealTime Immersive) or a shitty Asian MMO. I can't believe one of them is called BATTLEFIELD OF HONOR.

    So what do you think? Anything attractive?

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    Lichdom, Warhorse and Star Citizen all look interesting, the rest looks like crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NecroKnight View Post
    Lichdom, Warhorse and Star Citizen all look interesting, the rest looks like crap.
    That's pretty much it, most of those games looked bad. Especially the hack and slashy one with the damage numbers, doesn't look like cryengine at all.

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