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    Basic, no-frills guide to building a PC (via Lifehacker)

    So far I've assembled three PCs from scratch, and while I recognize that this guide is very simplistic and could do with a bit more advanced stuff, it would still have been very handy when I was starting.

    So, here it is:

    Take it as a starting point and leave here your tips to build an awesome game machine. ;)

    I'll give the first tip: don't try to go for cheap on the PSU. I learned that the hard way.
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    I'm going to build my first PC next month, and this guide is really handy, thanks!
    Do you've any particular recommendations for a budget of around €600 by the way? I have an old VGA monitor that'll do me until I upgrade, so the money is all going into the machine itself.

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    Thanks. Not planning on building a pc any time soon but as I usually leave it for a few years between builds (last one was around 6 years ago, currently using a laptop though) I get confused every time I get back into the fray by some of the new specs jargon being banded around. I'm fine with RAM, CPU's, GPU's and PSU's as they largely stay the same, the numbers just get bigger, but other than that it gets a bit confusing. So that'll provide a nice refresher read and get me back up to date, for now at least.
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