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    I don't get some of these articles lately (please keep JohnW discussion here).

    Basically, the one in question is "Apology for using female writers". Reading that has made my terrible morning rather horrible.

    The thing is, every comment I have seen so far on Cara Ellison has been full of positivity, happyness, and general approval. The general consensus seems to be that she should be employed as a regular writer (if she is not already). The only problem I have with her writings is that they can be a little bit too wacky at times, although most of the time (almost all the time) I find that it works really well. And this seems to be the general consensus.

    Suddenly, a post appears on the RPS frontpage, known as "Apology for using female writers", which is so full of negativity that it looks like miss Ellison has been threatened with death or worse.

    What did I miss here? Is answering negativity with negativity really the proper answer?
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