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    Rock, Paper, Saigon -- RS2:Vietnam

    The horror... The horror... The horror of playing a squad-based shooter with pubs...

    Is anyone here playing RS2:Vietnam (favorably reviewed by this very website and a mere $25 on Steam)? If so, are you, too, growing tired of getting stomped by organized groups or simply frustrated with disorganized play?

    I am...not good at this game. But I can more or less follow simple instructions, and if I shoot you in the back, it definitely won't be on purpose.

    If folks are interested in playing together, I can create a Steam group or something.

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    I would be interested but I have limited time and strange hours. The best way of getting games recently seems to be the RPS discord, if there isn't a Rising Storm group I'd go about getting one added, then simply ask in discord while notifying everyone with that role. I'll check if the role exists when I get home and if it does I'll join it so I see any future requests.

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