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    Rock, paper, tenno (warframe)

    Greetings Tenno.

    Looking to join a clan on Warframe?

    Look no further, ROCK PAPER SKANA can fill all your dojo & companionship needs!

    We are 100 strong and growing and have a fully equipped dojo where you can challenge other players to duels, engage in research for rare weapons or watch fish.

    Please leave your exact in-game name if you wish to join us, someone will friend and invite you.

    Make sure you have no prior clan invitation left un-answered too, it will block the invite. This is super important, mainly because it's annoying for us to keep checking if we can invite you.

    The clan side of the interface in Warframe isn't very clear, but if you bring up your contacts window, then click the little circle which is (I think) the second icon from the right. That's where you'll see the clan contacts and invitations.

    You can also download and connect to the generously provided RPS community mumble and chat and coordinate with people on there.

    There isn't an official mumble channel for Warframe but its easy enough to create one if you're the first Tenno on mumble at that moment. The more creative the better.

    English is the most common tongue but there are also German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese speakers, so don't be afraid to join us!

    The more the merrier.

    We have no requirements dictating that you contribute to the Dojo (though we would appreciate it!) so if you just want to have people to play with that's cool too.
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