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Well, it's definitely got a good mix of raw plot elements. I quite enjoyed it, don't get me wrong. Yeah, it touches on the by-now-classic themes, the closing of the frontier, the cycle of violence, redemption, all that. You're just not going to convince me it does so better than, say, the Wild Bunch. Mind, by its nature it's more like the old TV shows than the standout films - rather episodic, and certainly the pacing's barely even theoretical (but then, it's an open game, so that's inevitable). But there's no way it matches the great film westerns - it can't. The music, the cinematography, the rhythm, it's not as good as a film at being a film, and there isn't the vocabulary (yet) for a (interactive, tech-limited) game to stand up to the same level on its own terms. I'll stop now, lest I ramble on pretentiously for several paragraphs.
Fair enough, but The Wild Bunch was forty-five years ago. Considering that I can only count about five (traditional, dis-including the likes of Melquiades Estrada and No Country for Old Men here) truly "great" Westerns in the last twenty years, in any medium, we take what we can get.