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    Lightbulb Cross Outfit/Empire Silly Monday?

    Now this could have potential! After posting that compilation of silly mondays, someone from BRTD mentioned that their guys also have a similar type of night. So similar that he actually made a "terk our jerbs" joke, and casually said we should have one together one time.

    Could be awesome! Pretty much every idea we've done so far could be improved by several magnitudes by adding a big TR contingent. Those knife/pistol fights on galaxies, with actual opposing teams? Stunt jumping, with added TR sundies and heavy tanks? Or even the Sundy/Flash mobs, TR and VS both storming some poor NC base together?

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    That would absolutely work. Although we would need to find some common ground to meet up without any sides zerg attacking us. So no deployable sundys etc.

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    Sounds awesome, but needs some organisation. Im in!

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