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    Tiny Plastic ShootPeeps & Tiny Wooden FarmBlocks (tabletop & miniature gaming)

    So, I figured we need a thread on boardgames, wargaming and suchlike to stave off the "terrists and immgrunts" threads to discuss such things!

    What are you playing at the moment? (Show us!) Are you painting miniatures and such? (Show us!)

    I'm currently sorta-kinda-homeless, so living in my partner's living room until that gets sorted.. But I managed to grab some minis and such on the way out (I have priorities, dammit). So I've not been playing much (too far from my gaming groups, boardgames were too bulky), but have been painting stuff up. Mostly Burrows & Badgers (Redwally skirmish), Infinity (Cyberpunky skirmish) and Dungeon Saga (Heroquest nostalgiaporn).
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    There's an older thread here on board games etc.
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    I failed my spot check. D:

    Ah well. Slightly different focus? :p
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