It's a shame that there isn't a currently-running thread on this topic, so I figured I'd start one.

My group manages to get together weekly, though we have wildly inconsistent numbers. We get at least 4 and as many as 15+, and play from 8pm to around 2 or 3am, depending on how long it takes things to wrap up.

This last Friday we had a smaller gathering (only 6 players), but we were able to get in three good games.

First, my friends Elliott and Adam played a game of The Valkyrie Incident while they waited for everyone else to show up. Neither had played before, and they both agreed it's the best of the recent trio of Small Box Games releases (the others being Shadow of the Sun and Stone & Relic). I recently agreed with their assessment in my review. They were highly involved in it, and they're both our resident Analysis Paralysis sufferers, so it was quite a long game around an hour, despite a regular playtime of about 30 minutes. Elliott won by a sizable amount because Adam had significantly flubbed his first draft phase, but they still both had a good time.

Once people arrived, we played a quick game of Master Plan from the recent Minigame Library from Level 99 Games while we waited to see if anyone else was going to show up. Lots of fun and laughter, and we all agreed that it's a really fun filler game held back a bit by its lack of variety. My review here. It's the first "real-space" game I've played meaning that you can place cards anywhere on the table, as they're the spaces your pieces move between as you play.

Lastly, we played a lengthy session of Space Cadets. We all liked it, though it was a learning session, so it took longer than it's supposed to and we're still not entirely sure quite how everything works together. I started out as taking the Helm (and steering the ship into all sorts of asteroid fields) and working the Jump Drive, but an early Shift Change put me as acting Captain. We barely jumped out after scooping up our objective (three crystals) and weathering a strong assault very gripping, very tense. I suspect I like Space Alert a bit better for my real-time space-disaster gaming goodness, but it was still a lot of fun, and we'll try it again in the future.

Has anyone tried any of these? What board games are you playing?