Hi peeps. I'm Brit, you may have seen me around here, though mainly with the PCG guys over at GW2 as an Officer.

For those who don't know, I'm a third year student at Edge Hill University, studying 'Media, Film & Television' 3 years course, currently on my third and last year. I am writing up my Dissertation, amongst other things, and my topic is:

"How Immersion is the key to the success of an MMO(RPG)"

I'm currently behind slightly, but with my Supervisor absent due to family matters, they saw fit to give me an extension. Now for where you all come in. My choice of case study for this Dissertation is Guild Wars 2. I have many reasons, though mainly I will be able to form a hypothesis from my own experience in the game.

My Primary Research will consist of Interviews of Guild members, and due to time.. forum discussions from multiple guilds. I know RPS is quite active even before PCG left Gunnar's Hold so I would be eternally great-full if I could get your thoughts and opinions on some key points.

Quote Originally Posted by Steve Woyach (2003)
Immersion is a technique of lowering a person's need to suspend their disbelief by removing the text, the seat, or the keyboard, placing a person into the scene itself.... essentially it is the removal of the barriers between people and their entertainment, until it is as real to us as everyday life.
-> What I would like to know from you guys are how you all, if, are immersed in the game; PvE, PvP, WvW, being in a Guild etc?
-> Examples you can see within the games mechanics and features that help the players immerse more into the game.
-> What senses of gratification do you get when playing out events, instances, story, PvP/WvW fights etc?
-> For those who use your own key-binds and hardware (like MMO mouses, gaming peripheral like the Nostromo etc) does that help you immerse more into what you're doing and if so how?
-> Choices you made within the game (both story, choice of crafting, roles, class, specs/traits etc) and why you made them, relating to gratification and immersion.
-> Does the Monthly Content make or break the immersion for you, and if so how. If not, do you feel that you're immersed more (like this month's content being a throwback to our childhood, or Karka event bringing the whole Guild together in an epic turnout)?
-> Social contact; Are you a type-chat person, or use voice comms; Mumble... why do you stick with your choice of communication? Do you see an obvious separation between the two types of people?
-> New players/experience players (can be answered for both in MMO's and/or just GW2): As one or the other, how do you think your immersion in GW2 differs from that of the other.
-> What are Immersion breakers within GW2 for you guys?

Sorry for the wall of texts and questions, but I want to be as thorough as I can be, and I'm hoping with such a mixed and vibrant community of ours, that I'll be able to get detailed answers from you guys.... and if I've missed anything out that you think could help me, feel free to post it (like Dynamic Events, Dungeons, and general impressiveness in the game) For now, I'll stick to these points, but I may ask more later on. Regular Mumble peeps, feel free to answer these points here, just in-case I can't interview everyone.

All of this would really help me, and I will greatly appreciate any and everyone that does. If you're unsure about something, let me know by way of PM so that I can clarify it for everyone Thanks in advance.

- Brit -