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    [VS] Outfit Introduction or "Can you spare a minute to talk about our Saviour Vanu?"

    Hi guys,

    I've been looking for a thread I could sign up for an outfit introduction, but I didn't find one.

    So I thought, I'd open a thread any New Member could post in, when he's interested in getting introduced.
    This also gives the introducer the chance to see how many willing candidates are up for it and to choose a suitable date for the introduction.

    'Cause let's admit it:
    With the purple giraffe camo coming, everyone wants to be a giraffe.

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    Good idea. Also, for anyone who hasn't been through the outfit introduction, don't hesitate to ask any balloon leader online if he would be ok to give you an introduction right away. (you can see who is BL and online by going to the outfit menu)

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    Would be a good idea to name the thread accordingly. Something like "[VS] Sign up here for Outfit Introductions"

    Great idea, though.

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    "Can you spare a minuite to talk about our saviour vanu"
    - made me giggle.

    Problem i've seen is that new members have a habit of asking for an intorduction in the middle of a huge fight / hotdrop / discussion, and by the time its all died down the BLs have forgotten!

    Although to be fair, you guys seem to be pretty awesome latley when it comes to running them on request.

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