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Thread: Dear John.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuantaCat View Post
    Thats not helping. Nor is it what Im really asking.
    I think it's pretty relevant when someones portraying themselves as the voice of the people.

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    dont think this is going anywhere.

    think Ill take a break from the forums. laters.
    - Tom De Roeck.

    verse publications & The Shopkeeper, an interactive short.

    "Quantacat's name is still recognised even if he watches on with detached eyes like Peter Molyneux over a cube in 3D space, staring at it with tears in his eyes, softly whispering... Someday they'll get it." - The Conclave

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    And rest.

    Locking this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuantaCat View Post
    ugh. no, not at all. I want to know if theres something that doesnt annoy you about the gaming world, because it seems like you hate pretty much all. (I also seem to remember you mentioning one time that you dislike most indie games, that could be wrong though)
    What utter nonsense - you remember no such thing, since I'd never say anything so overtly idiotic!

    The majority of the posts I write are positive, about games I'm enjoying.

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