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    Quote Originally Posted by sinomatic View Post
    I prefer BasicPauly's no. 1 version because having the teal as the logo a) makes it stand out more ('tis more pew-pew laser disco) and b) seems more in-keeping with the highlighting of the VS weapons and vehicles.

    Obviously I'm not sure how the texture thing would work on a larger version, since I've only seen it on the other one.
    Im more worried about how the planet texture would look on much smaller versions. Medium to large seem pretty good, but I can imagine the texture could be lost at smaller avatar and thumbnail images. For instance, imagine the logo at the size of the standard web browser icon picture..

    In fact;

    Rizlar: It may be an idea to think about how we would tackle things like ico files separately.. Maybe picking base elements from the logo, or some small section. RPS do it by just taking the R, for example. Any ideas?

    When the final decision on logo has been made, the thread would be useful staying open until things like different versions/sizes and other uses are finalised.

    Logo as avatar:

    I uploaded the current version by rizlar onto the youtube page to test how it would work. There seem to be a few issues with the logo as used for a small avatar image:

    -The planet texture gets lost, and just appears like a blur. Cyan is definitely too bright.

    -It appears that youtube, and probably other sides, compress the image further, losing quality.

    -the diamonds are very small and not a prominent feature.

    -The contrast between the prongs and having a white background isnt high enough. Might need to have the full purple background for avatar images, as per the original plan.

    -The spikes mean that the logo is offset towards the top when made as large as possible. This means that we would be forced to make the image even smaller for use in a square avatar box and thus obscuring the image even further.

    -Might be a good idea to have a version for times like this without the prongs, unless another solution can be found to keep it clean.

    On my screen, the avatar appears even smaller than this. I did the second one zoomed into the logo, but its still pretty obscure.

    Decided to try some others, one of which stood out as actually being decent contrast. Funnily enough, it was rizlars original textured "seahorse" giraffe... Maybe using these colours would be a good idea based on this?


    Like this, though for some reason there was an even bigger hit to quality here:
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