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    A Call to Arms v2

    OK, welcome to the call to arms organisational thread.

    If you want to know how to take part, go read this guide:

    If you want to know what all the fuss is about, look at these front page RPS posts

    Assuming nobody has a problem, I'm going to try and lead us through this. I may need a break at some point, so if somebody else could be ready to fill in, pending emergencies or AFKness, that would be handy.

    I want to keep a nice and simple structure, composed of a few parts:

    Command Group - Myself, our comms liasion, and 1 - 2 scouts/general dogsbodies. Sat in the Supreme Giraffe and Chums mumble channel

    Intro Group - 2 - 3 "Greeters", who will invite people to the outfit, answer early questions, and get them shuffled off ASAP to combat squads. Also new arrivals. In the Platoon 1 mumble channel.

    Combat squads - an estimated 8 squads. There needs to be a radio officer for each. This can or can not also be the squad lead, depending on preference and availability of people. Also in here is a mix of new and returning players. In the various Squad Play channels.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    Squad leads - Be nice. Be proactive. Realise that things will be slower, and you'll die to small enemy forces. Make sure you have comms binds set up in case you lack an RO. I'll see if I or someone else who knows what they are doing can get this sorted out at the start of the night, but if not, here is a guide on how to make recruitment work:

    Radio Officers - Anyone who even might be this, please set up one extra mumble bind. You want to create a shout, on any suitable button, to the "Supreme Giraffe and Chums" channel.
    This will be used to give sitreps, ask questions/make requests of the leadership, and any other needs you may have. Anyone who thinks that they might do any leader role should do this.

    Greeters - Be friendly, knowledgable. Invite people to the outfit. Be at least Giraffe Beacon rank so you can do invites (we can arrange promotions for those who need it).

    Scouts - A couple of people, happy to fly around scythes and report back to me what they see, and to do any other small tasks that show up in the night.

    Liason - Work with other outfits as and where necessary. Cooper has already pencilled himself in for this.

    Grunts - Help out the new guys. Be friendly, but not too noisy. Go along with your SL, don't whitter too much about game balance. Have fun. Shoot lasers.

    Supreme Giraffe - Give all squads direction. Contact each squad radio officer directly. Keep the platoon as a whole moving. Keep the herd as a whole informed as to what they are doing and why.

    Original Post

    So, there's been some muttering about this happening again, possibly on Thursday/ (Muttering as in Jim tweeting to the world about it).

    So we want to plan for it. I think having a thread for it separately is a good idea.

    Some things to note:

    • Last time we peaked at ~120 players. It will only get this big again if there's a front page post, and then only maybe. Need to be ready for this sort of scale however.
    • Having squads within a platoon open recruitment appears to work just fine now, as long as the squad leads know what they are doing. We should be using this!
    • New players fight much, much weaker than our regular groups. Strategic decisions need to allow for this. (Basically, use at least one more squad than you think you need)
    • Having a 10-member big strategic leader comms channel probably won't work, need to decide on a command-comms structure that will.
    • Getting some good AAR work done would be great for general outfit bigging-up.

    I'll update this post as we go along.
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