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    EFFING DEAD - a survival action in RE4 style

    Hi Everyone,
    nice to be here on rock, paper, shotgun!
    I would like to share you our fist indie game, EFFING DEAD, a survival game like the amazing Resident Evil 4, completely in 3D, with real-time light and shadows, glows and water physics.

    Why RE4? We love the genre and believe the 4th was the best, so we try to bring back the same feelings and joy we discover while we played with it.
    But, also, we try to improve some aspect of the game mechanics and give it our special touch.

    Just to be clear there is:
    - no co-op experience !!!
    - no silly puzzle on RGB colors !!!
    - no remake nor reboot !!!
    - no cheasy super machos !!!
    - no kinect, Move or Wii control !!!
    - no social !!!
    - no bow !!!
    - no qte (oh s*it, there are some... ^_^) !!!

    Ok, bows and some stuff weren't in RE but, you know, just in case someone is asking... :P

    Enough with the joking, you can watch the current gameplay trailer:

    or the first beta video with older and not improved gfx can be found here:

    Some in game screenshots (UPDATED 5 May):

    EFFING DEAD will be released on Windows but we are planning to release it also on MAC and LINUX. As you can see the engine is quiet complete, we are building levels, puzzles and stuff right now.

    If anything works as planed the first beta will be ready for May 2013, so please come back soon to give it a try ;) .

    AN IMPORTANT NOTE: because we like to receive but also to give, during the development we will releasing game stuff for free (under CC license) not just simple stuff, but real in game 3D models, elements, scripts... Why? Because we believe in freedom and in mods.

    You can download something right now on the STUFF page of TheShortAndTheTall site.

    About us
    We are TheShortAndTheTall, which is a small indiegames team from Italy, made of two Nice guys, Alessio (the short one) and me, ALberto (the tall one).
    EFFING DEAD was made by us + some help on charas models and environment here and there, because sometime we like also to sleep. ;D

    If you like you can follow the develop on FB and Twitter:
    TheShortAndTheTall Twitter
    TheShortAndTheTall Facebook page

    Our site:
    EFFING DEAD on IndieDB

    Comments are REAAALLLY appreciated. ^_^ TKS!
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