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    Women women women women.... ugh

    Two days since Walker's last diatribe, the Asses of Starcraft article came out. Which made me smile, so it's cool.


    There are a lot of completely unrealistic depictions of men in women's entertainment. Think of the sparkly dude from Twilight, or the dreamy doctor from any daytime soap, or that billionaire philanthropist male model with 10 inches in Fifty Shades of Grey.

    I'm OK with the above, because they're vapid fantasies in media that panders to the lowest common denominator. Why should I be offended by it?

    So now let us consider the inverse:
    Hot chicks wearing highly impractical armour, with physics defying bosoms, and gratuitous ass shots all over the place. How is this any different? Why should we be offended by it?

    Why are there people out there who feel it is their personal crusade to make me feel guilty for enjoying fantasy women in my fantasy entertainment?

    If my above example is sexism, then how is playing any FPS not an example of sociopathy?

    My final point; I play games all the time where I'm an impossible dude. Impossibly muscled, impossibly heroic, impossibly skilled, impossibly awesome. I'm OK with that. Why would a woman feel not OK when she plays as an impossible character?

    What is the difference?
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