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    Exactly. I had a woman here at work one time press her tits around the back of my neck while I was working on her computer. I'm not talking about she tried to lean over and grab something off her desk and her boobs brushed me. I mean she put her hands on my shoulders and made me a neck pillow. Now, I didn't find her to be very attractive, so I just shrugged her off and sat forward. I didn't reprimand her, or go to HR and get her fired. Why? Because if I HAD been attracted to her, I would've turned around and motorboated the shit out of those puppies. If I did something similar to a woman at work who did not find me attractive (good chance at that), I'd be out on my ass that day
    Indeed. In fact, some women (EDIT: in fact plenty of men too) I know would expect a guy to be grateful he's getting that sort of attention. I suppose this attitude stems in part from how our sexual politics traditionally works. It's the guy who propositions the woman, and she either accepts or rejects that proposition. Thus, men are perceived as sexually available whereas women are perceived as sexually selective.
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