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    The First ever highly affordable 50in 4kTV $1,500 grab or pass?

    So far most 4k displays are over $5,000
    Looking at some of Seiki's other products they get some pretty good reviews.

    Also looking at this article:

    PCper also has a video on it

    interesting looking at the specs we'll probably need to wait for GDDR6 VRAM, Nvidia Maxwell and AMD's 8000 series to play more games properly at this resolution. However two GTX 680s probably weren't optimize Well since a GTX 680 can get about 20fps average and 35 fps max on Ultra at 4k in the multiplayer (which is more demanding than the single player)
    Some other interesting news was that BF4 ran on a HD 7990 at 3k resolution at 60fps on a unoptimized code. So their is some hope 4k high end PC gaming becoming accessible in the distant future. Either way this could make some nice future proofing and play at 1080p or 1440/1600p with some proper upscaling till you have hardware capable of playing all your games at 4k at the desirable graphic settings you want.

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    /obligatory more art design and game aesthetic and doing MORE within a game world, less hardware pushing opinion

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    Unless you're rich, wait until there's a home video standard for 4k and HFR. That's when displays will get really good, not to mention affordable.

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    No sale. I'm not going to have anything to feed it a native 4K signal for quite a long time. Hell, most of our TV stations here still broadcast mostly SD quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thermal Ions View Post
    No sale. I'm not going to have anything to feed it a native 4K signal for quite a long time. Hell, most of our TV stations here still broadcast mostly SD quality.
    I only noticed the other day that Nestle are running a very old ad (probably for nostalgia) for Kit Kats thats in a 4:3 ratio. Lovely massive black bars for all!
    "Halo is designed to make the player think "I look like that, I am macho sitting in my undies with my xbox""

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    I doubt any PC hardware affordable would be powerful enough to utilitize this kind of mon at this moment. And as I know, Japan is currently the only country promoting 4K TV programme production, just like they pioneered the HD format a decade ago.

    And technology advanced like this worries me. Of course as gamer I always prefer gorgeous graphics, but higher development cost will crowd out smaller developers. Yet it may be too early to make such comment, we will know the outcome, soon enough.

    And that guy better prepare to wear glasses, very thick glasses. The mon is too large to watch that close. That's why I dont believe TV makes good PC mon. That's one of noticable difference between PC and console gaming, though I doubt game developers making cross-platform games really notice this obvious fact.
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    I've been trying to run games at 4k resolution (down sampled) and, even with 2x 680's, most games struggle to maintain a smooth frame rate (above 30).

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