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    Question about playing on EU servers (with RPS guild) from NA

    Hey all,

    I have owned the game for a while, but have not played in a long time. A lot of this due to the fact that the people I was enjoying the game with stopped playing and playing solo eventually becomes boring as we all probably know.

    I would love to join the RPS guild, but with no presence in NA the only solution is to join the EU servers.

    Does anyone have any experience on playing on EU servers from NA? I am particularly interested on how the lag is while doing so.
    The other question is if the RPS EU guild is still active as well.

    Seeing as to how I would have to put down the money for GEMS for the transfer, it is pretty important before I take that step to know how the game will handle, otherwise I would have to go and pay again for a transfer back to NA.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Hi, I have a few US friends who play on the EU servers and have not had many complaints. Even though I still get Lag and im in the UK.

    RPS is very active and our server is very active in the WvW.

    Unfortuantly like a lot of things there is a risk as I am not sure what part of NA you are based, esst coast would have a better connection than west coast.


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    we have a US guild, KREW I think, that play on our server for WvW; so I think that lag isn't really a problem. Yes RPS is still very active we regularly run guild dungeon/fractal groups and have weekly guild events.
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    We have at least one person in our guild who plays from Japan and I've never heard him complain about the lag.

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    I'm in NA and I've never experienced any lag worth complaining about, so you should be fine.

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    Myself, and some of the scallywags who followed me to RPS, are on from South Africa, and we don't have problems with being on an EU server.

    For a slight comparison: I used to play WoW on the US servers back in the day, and could manage fine with 600ms lag, and I highly doubt you will get that from NA to EU.

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