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    Crap, bonkers. I forgot about the max completely, and you're more than welcome to add the it (see below though). Problem is, there currently is no clear recommendation that can be made for max weapons beyond bursters, as they may or may not be still in flux (see cosmos v blueshift). Also, we're getting ZOE soon, which might change things around completely, so i'd say add the section to the doc i posted below on a provisional basis.

    @Kyndylan: I was thinking the same and went ahead with creating a template. The bare-bones document is available here: and it needs lots of content added.

    If you add a section, please tag it with your name (>>Qazz), same if you edit. The goal is to keep things concise and easy to understand. Focus on equipment choices, but not explaining game mechanics, etc.

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    Loving all the effort people are putting into this. Good job guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyndylan View Post
    should a guide to non-weapon certifications be included in the same document, or exist as a seperate one?
    Quote Originally Posted by bonkers View Post
    Mh, I don't know if including it into one wouldn't clutter it too much. There are a huge amount of choices to be discussed.
    I have a feeling the recommendation for giraffe calfs in almost any situation would be: don't bother certing weapons, focus on the general, basic stuff first. The only exception I can think of is the XMwhatever bolt-action for snipers. By the time calfs have played enough to invest in the basic stuff they will have a much better idea of what weapons/classes interest them.

    Perhaps you could insert a disclaimer at the top saying: 'Buying new weapons may be tempting at first, but investing in some of the general class skills is initially more valuable.' etc
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    I wrote the sniper section with my personal opinion but if anybody who snipes more then me has anything to add/edit, feel free to do so.
    It's currently a bit different from the other inf sections. I will try to change the layout according to the other guides today or tomorrow.
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