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    Quick visit to SOLDNER

    I have downloaded and played the free SOLDNER, and after having some good time playing, we got asked by the vets of the game to come to our forums, and talk about the game. So I am doing it.

    SOLDNER to me feels less like a game, and more like a toy "test lots of different vehicles". There are like 50 different pistols, 50 different tanks, 25 different copters, or numbers like that... most vehicles seems to have a role, and outside of that role are inefective, with a few vehicles multipurpose.

    The gameplay in the servers I have played was capture the flag and capture the vehicle. I don't like these styles :-/

    Wen SOLDNER is a game (and not a toy) is wen you get into a dogfight, or a tankfight, with other player, then is a very interesting game. Since there are really different vehicles and weapons, you can get interesting combos, like a fast tank with rockets and machinegun against a heavy tank. AND the terrain is deformed by explosions, so where you shot, even if is not aiming to your enemy, counts.

    The graphics are ugly and old, but renders enormeous maps with really big mountains, the vehicles are detailed, so if you are one of these crazy men that love modern weapons, you will be happy seeing all these details. I can't talk about the accuracy representation of weapons, since I am not a crazy weapon lover myself.

    Since people don't have to pay to play it, I say.. download it and try it!, is more accesible than ARMA in that you can quickly be playing a game and shotting to other people. In that sense is slighy more arcadey than ARMA... there are not complex task, but simple stuff like CTF.

    Also, well.. is a nice decent old game, that needs people, and there are people here that want games. Is like the decent good thing to do: try the game :D

    The game can be downloaded here:

    To play multiplayer you must create a account, but is done in-game it ask for nickname and password, maybe email.. I forgot, of course, is free.

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    Awesome Game!
    I Love the Mass destruction with all different Kind of weapon Systems:
    vehicles, Tanks, choppers, Jets and Shops!!!

    Whos gonna join me in online Gaming?

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    . . . soldner

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