I concur. This doesn't seem to be an issue with an individual website, but rather an issue with accessing the delivery server itself. Loading the Forum without an Adblock, gets the Browser stuck on contacting ads.eurogamer.net. It keeps doing that for several minutes, until it finally gives in and loads the page. Without the Ad.

I've done a tracert and there seem to be two hiccups. One in the beginning which may well be my Provider (it's visibly trying different routes and failing), the second hiccup seems to be on Eurogamers end. More precisely, this is how the tracert "ends"

17 62 ms 62 ms 62 ms bish.eurogamer.net []
18 62 ms 62 ms 62 ms
19 62 ms 62 ms 62 ms bish.eurogamer.net []
20 62 ms 62 ms 62 ms
21 63 ms 63 ms 63 ms bish.eurogamer.net []
22 63 ms 63 ms 63 ms

Basically, Step 17 and 18 repeat ad nauseum (until it reaches the limit I've specified or the default of 30 steps).
As has been said, this makes it literally impossible to browse the Forum without blocking this specific source.