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    Is FE Legendary Heroes any better than FE? Why is it standalone?

    I got a chance to try Fallen Enchantress at a friend's place fell rather short for me. Now this is game I really wanted to like, but had been staying away from until now given Stardock's history. Mainly it just felt too empty for me, there just wasn't enough going on with the exploration/city building/fighting to pull me in. It felt like a combination of heroes of M&M and Civ, but fell short on both counts. That coupled with some rather annoying game play glitches really turned me off to it.

    Then I saw Stardock was releasing a standalone expansion. Oh OK, I thought, I guess they realized FE was a bit lacking and they had to do a major overhaul to fix some of the issues and make it a better game. But from the website it doesn't sound like much more is offered to warrant a standalone much less an extra $40 so I am kind of perplexed at Stardock once again.

    I guess it is cheaper if you own the original but they don't list the price and only say you 'may be eligible' for a discount price if you own the original. The whole thing makes it seem like they are pushing new players straight to the expansion, so I have some hopes that it is a better game.

    So is anyone out there trying the beta? Why is it standalone? Does it offer a better experience than the first game? Or is just more of the same with some bonus content?

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    I've never even heard of this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xspork View Post
    I guess it is cheaper if you own the original but they don't list the price and only say you 'may be eligible' for a discount price if you own the original.
    The discount for FE owners is 50% if you pre-order, making it approximately the price of an expansion pack. I haven't bought it because I'm happy enough with the current version for now so I can't answer any of your other questions. Presumably it is done this way because they want new players to play the expansion.
    Irrelevant on further examination of the rest of the thread.

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    <s> You get this for free if you bought WoM in those first 6 months. </s> Maybe you don't? Other than that I heard there aren't too many improvements over standard FE and it still hasn't climbed out of the mediocre pit. I think SOTS2 will turn good before this.
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    I might spring for the expansion, since I got FE for free and quite enjoyed it. It seems less an overhaul than a comprehensive tweaking with more stuff. If you're looking for HoMM or Civ, I think you're looking in the wrong place. FE has more in common with Age of Wonders, and the pacing and rhythm take some getting used to.

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    I bit the bullet and picked it up for $19. The early-mid game is fun, with exploration and building up your heroes and armies, but late game is terrible.

    I have no incentive to expand further, so I'm just steamrolling the warmonger guy that kept demanding tribute (*scoff*) and I'm allied to 2 of the other 3.

    Late game research is also terrible: there are nodes you can research multiple times that give simple bonuses to income, initiative (basically, tactical map speed) and such.
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    Optimistic: They feel that the dynamic has shifted enough for the expandalone that it warrants a new release so as to not "taint" FE

    Cynical: They promised people who bought WoM at various points various numbers of free expansions/sequels. By my rough count: This means that now even the early adopters will have to pay for any future sequels/expansions.
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    I hope my post can help the op. I bought the first game right when it first came out. I spent at least 1 year before that obsessing about it, thinking it was going to be the new MOM. The game was horrible when it first came out. So bad that I waited months after to try to play it again after several patches. After the patches the game was somewhat fun, but far from what it could have been. I must say that I am a sucker for this type of game and with that being said I would not suggest that game to anyone. I did however want to support SD in there effort to make a quality game that can match the play of MOM. I was given the beta of the followup game Fallen Enchantress. It played much better. It still had more bugs than I would have liked.

    I also am playing the new Legendary Heroes and have this to say. The graphics are getting better. The player attains heroes through fame and you get to select between two heroes. It now takes a long time to get enough fame for a second hero. There are paths now for upgrading heroes. The tactical battles have this swarm feature which make the creatures that were very weak much stronger. The game now has a path that shows up before the units move. There are more things but I think these are the major ones that I can think of. I find the game is about as fun as the previous one but still is missing something. I also feel magic becomes harder to use due to not having mana or having to research the spells. Getting heroes also become harder in this game.

    My overall thought of this series of games is that as much as I enjoy playing these games it always makes me feel like there is something missing. I think what made MOM fun was the way they managed the research, casting items, and magic system and the fact that magic was the main focus. I find FE is a fighting civ type game that has magic. If I wanted a really great weapon, I could do that, but it took forever to get there. What I find the most frustrating thing is that SD have great ideas but the ideas don't come together for a great game. The game has tons of items but most of them are slight versions of the same thing. I could care less that I can select 5 different weapons that end up having pretty much the same play. In these games the +1 attack and the +10% dodge is really hard to tell if these things really make a difference. Maybe, it is because I am not a hard core player and I don't know all the ins and outs of the game, but I have been playing for some time now and I feel the same way now as I did then. I have tried different guys and still feel the same. I feel that a lot of the fun things that I enjoyed have been slowly taken out of this game.

    In the end, if you like fantasy turned based games the last two games are pretty fun. I would not put them at a MOM status and I hope that SD gets the game to a point that I stop talking about MOM.

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    From the email Stardock sent for the free copy, they seem happy with the progress and financially successfully with FE.

    I have not gotten around to try the Beta yet, nor have I touched FE yet. Played a couple bare bones Elemental games on release.

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    <Martok takes a deep breath and casts Minor Thread Necromancy>

    (In the interests of full disclosure, I should note I was one of those idiots who pre-ordered the original War of Magic, and so received both Fallen Enchantress and Legendary Heroes for free. I didn't really bother playing either of the first two games, as WOM was roundly slammed, and the reaction to FE seemed to be "definitely better, but still somewhat meh".)

    FWIW, I've been playing Legendary Heroes quite a bit since release, and I'm liking it so far.

    I haven't gotten into the late-game yet, so I can't comment as to how good/bad that part is, but I'm find the early/mid-game to be enjoyable. Exploring and questing my way around the map is fun, and building up my kingdom and interacting with the other factions feels very much like how I'd always expected a 4x fantasy game to feel like. (Note: I'd not really played any previous entries in the sub-genre, including the much-lauded Master of Magic, so haven't had much to compare my experience to.)

    The population requirement for training Pioneers goes a good way towards limiting the dreaded "city spam", with Outposts still letting you expand your territory in lands that aren't Healed yet. The AI seems to be competent enough, although this is somewhat difficult to judge as I've been a pansy and playing on the easier difficulty levels thus far. I find combat is generally fun, but I do wish that terrain had an actual effect on battles, and that we could place our units where we wish (albeit in a designated "deployment zone" ala the Total War series). Spells & abilities seem to be fairly balanced overall; at the very least, I've not yet come across any that seem to be obviously "broken" in terms of being ridiculously overpowered/weak.

    Probably my favorite two features in FE:LH are that Heroes/Champions must now be "earned" via Fame, and that Heroes (including your Channeler) now have to pick a "skill path" -- Assassin, Defender, Commander, Mage, or Warrior -- as soon as they level up the first time. Doubtless the latter is especially controversial as a game mechanic, but I like how it forces the player to make truly strategic choices even early on.

    I also like the fact that Heroes are much rarer because it now makes your regular units more crucial to success in battle. (In contrast, the little time I spent with WOM made me feel like Heroes did just about everything, and that regular units were largely superfluous.) And I don't know if this was tweaked -- and if so, to what degree -- but it seems that in general, regular units are now more capable of surviving battles (and thus gaining experience, making them still more valuable). Even lowly Militia can make a respectable showing in combat now, at least against weak/medium opponents.

    I like the graphics for the most part, despite the art style not being one that I'd personally choose for a fantasy strategy game. The music is definitely better than in the original WOM, and I find it helps a lot in giving the game its atmosphere. I've not had many problems with performance yet, although I have experienced some odd mouse lag on occasion.

    I'm not sure what to say in conclusion. I very much doubt there any risk of Legendary Heroes dethroning MOM as the "ultimate" fantasy 4x game. Indeed, it may not even be "great". But it *is* "good" IMHO. As I've said, I'm enjoying the game thus far, and it's very much how I've always envisioned a fantasy grand strategy title ought to be. For $20.00, it's probably worth checking out.

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