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    World Of Tanks- 300 Gold For Free! (oh yeah we got hacked change your password plz)

    Wargaming are giving away 300 Gold to everyone who changes their password.

    Because they got hacked. Details are sketchy as what was compromised, but the forum had been experiencing issues last week.

    "World of Tanks publisher, has revealed a recent breach in security 'may have compromised' user data and as a result is encouraging all users to change their password.

    The company was a little vague about exactly what information had been affected and how it had been affected but in a statement it assured users that financial information definitely hadn't been compromised.

    “As a part of usual security practices, we recently became aware that some personal information may have been compromised due to a security incident. We immediately launched an investigation into the incident and can assure you that no financial information was accessed. However, we believe that some password hashes and email addresses were affected by the compromise.”

    Although we're sure most of you won't need anymore motivation than this to change your password, is also offering 300 in-game Gold as an extra incentive. This is enough for users to gain a day of premium subscription, which itself allows for faster tank purchasing and researching."

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