I think it's great that RPS is getting more popular and can put out more and more content per day. But I'm getting less and less free time per day and it's getting hard to keep up with all the RPS posts and news.

I know quite a few other sites have a 'Top Stories' category that allows writers to highlight the more important stories and busy users to focus on those. It would be great if RPS could do the same.

I guess the issue would be that readers would disagree on what counted as a top story. But I'd be willing to take the writer's views on that.
Imho, Top Stories would include:
All WITs
All RPS features
All in-depth interviews
All in-depth reporting/journalism/investigation. (if RPS ever decides to do any)
All Sunday Papers
All Bargain Buckets

A little release/demo/trailer news for big/amazing looking/heavily anticipated titles.
A little news reposted from other sites (when it's a big/important issue or very hot topic)
A few of the best free games

I don't want to miss out on an amazing looking indie game or the announcement of something major like xcom/theif. But I don't need to have 100 trailers for diablo or every news post about a game that looks 'kind of interesting'.

Pretty please!