I come to you today with a question: do you know of any magnificent old-timey Radio Plays I can sink my ear-teeth into?

I'm finishing up the last episode of the 1960's Sexton Blake Detective series now (http://www.myoldradio.com/old-radio-...lake-detective). I've come to enjoy them as a nice alternative to podcasts, and I wonder if you know of anything in the same vein? (There's tons of shows on that myoldradio site but there's no way to know which ones are rubbish and which are rare and beautiful gems).

The only relevant item I'm aware of is the new Sexton Blake two-hour special thing-device -- Past John Walker posted about it here, but I, haha! had heard of it already on account of following Mil Millington's Internet Presence. I want to buy that, but Audible.com was being horrible, so I might wait until it's available as a proper mp3, or order an actual CD. But I still need other suggestions! From you. It's all up to you now.