Now, I'm not making any guarantees. No way. However, I am working on a C# game that hopes to combine elements from Minecraft to Terraria, but with more content and in my own way. It will be a completely seperate game, however, there would be similarities. I will take any ideas and if I like it or am inspired by it, I will put an easter egg in the game correlating to you. I will most likely PM you about this.
The Team
Beta testers will be put up later

Rangerofthewest- Main developer
Ruffthegrouse- Graphics Artist
Haylo- Web developer

Achievements will be added (and are being worked on)
XP/Levelling system based on quests (80 billion is the XP cap)
Assorted skills allowing you to focus on various aspects
Theoretically limitless terrain (Minecraft...)
Lots of content, 600+ items planned
Several TO references
Several Terraria references
A heck of a lot of Doctor Who references (what can I say? The awesomest TV show ever)
Realistic population engine (i.e., forest's grow and die, etc.)

Ideas are welcome! I will be posting screenshots of the HUD soon!

Now, I will also take any help. Not in coding, but in spriting. 2D sprites for items and tiles. Please PM me if interested, if so an easter egg will be added for you and you will be added to the default config generated at game start.
REPEAT, HELP SPRITE, AND GET CREDITED (and get added to my list from which I randomly draw names to select who tests the game!)

Also, there are two game modes planned currently (for single player)
Sandbox- The player interacts as if he is in Terraria, and is not limited by what he can do.

RPG- This actually has a storyline. The maps will still be random, but there will be more of an RPG theme and villages and such, and actually the player will complete quests (they will take a more active role in this game mode)

Two seperate directories in the C:/Sandboxia directory will be generated for this. Both use seperate extensions for the files.

Another thing is that there are a lot of files associated with Worlds and Players, hence sharing them is simple as zipping up the whole folder. Now, I know this isn't ideal, but for now it's for debugging. Also, as the game dev progresses, the file extensions (and encryption) will change.

-The game will be free to 10$, will determine in future
-It will hopefully be sold on Steam
-I will give away copies upon completion (just a few)
-I will release the source code upon request, but only if you can promise that you won't use it commercially
-Loki ISP and Redigit will be making apperances in the game, as well as 2 other well known forum masters...(From TERRARIAONLINE, where this game originated)
-Skyrim style wielding mechanics
-Awesome mechanism that allows you to combine any two items! A replacement for reforging
-Texture pack support
-There will be a Cookie of Loki, however, it will only be dropped after facing the Cult of Loki in combat, and defeating Loki, a boss that cannot be damaged until you kill the Cult. Each member of the cult has his or her own special attack. There are six members of the cult, which are all in the actual Cult of Loki, but with different names. The other members will make cameo appearances. The cult member names are:

The Master (rangerofthewest)
The Watcher (Aka1000)
The Destroyer (legitgamer)
The Thinker (rhef)
The Plotter (Lennon)
The Whisperer (King o' cacti)

Also got twitter, can follow us (me) at @CreativeExtreme[/B][/B]
4/20/2013- is the forum link! (Proper hosting and domain will be bought in the next few days;))