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It has been posted elsewhere, but to preoccupied with other stuff now to look for it. Anyway, as Eso pointed out, we need:
  • Giraffe Outfit introduction: description, recruitment info and list of main events
  • Traitors Outfit introduction/guide: whatever they decide upon
  • Giraffe Mumble setup
  • Giraffe Outfit guides:
    • Giraffe calf cert guide
    • Weapon systems recommendations/guide

  • TACGIR description and details
  • Planetside 2 resources: links to sites with useful info and tools

Also, please suggest which threads should be merged.
Topics 1 and 2 - I'll keep saying it, but I think these should just be merged together into a single topic, one post per faction, each post following the same structure of who we fight for, what that factions all about, what nights we operate and what we do on those nights, who to contact/how to go about joining.
Topic 3 - I'm not sure what the traitors use, but isn't it similar to us only they don't get as many? It should just be mumble set up and have a post for basic users, another for advanced users and another for general rules of mumble. Or one big long post.
Topic 4 a/b - I think a "field" guide as I mentioned would be best. This can be a big long piece that covers everything PS2 from a top level. What do symbols mean, what do tanks do, whats the difference between a libby and a sundy, what they hell does barney mean, why can't I use a sniper as a medic and so on. First post can be an index, next few posts each topic from that index (classes, weapon types, vehicle types, base types, tactics, certs, terminology, anything else I forgot).

The other two are solid.