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    Adenn's Esamir Lattice 1st Impressions

    Hey lads. For anyone interested in the read and discussion I made a long analytical thread on Esamir Lattice on the forums.

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    Pretty much agree, I like Esamir but the lattice needs a serious rework.

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    Yeah, nice write up. Actually read the whole thing, despite having not managed to play on Esamir yet! Particularly about the new base layouts and adapting tactics. It's hard to take any knee-jerk criticism of the new bases and what kind of fights they encourage too seriously when they have only been up for a couple of days. Takes time for people to adapt tactics and learn the quirks of new layouts.

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    I agree with just about everything you said. My only problem is that if they buff tanks to compensate for their reduced effectiveness when attacking bases (which is definitely an issue) it'll have a knock-on effect on Indar and Amerish where they can still steamroll infantry to their heart's content.

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